Ubisoft confirm release time for "Big announcement"

The Lost Gamer writes "Kimi Matsuzaki, one of Ubisoft's Community Developers, has further clarified that the announcement that the Publisher teased last week will be announced today and has even given the specific time for us to check it out."

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Bnet3433661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Here's the link to the chick's tweet:

So we're going to find out what it is tomorrow. I still say SC:C demo.


Someone has told me that, so I guess I'm wrong. Well then it'll probably be a new Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six. Haven't heard a peep outta those two series in a while.

Mildrop3661d ago

Nah, Ubisoft have gone on record saying that Splinter Cell will not get a demo.

This is bigger than that

ryuzu3661d ago

Splinter Cell multi-plat announcement lol.

It's been so long I'd forgotten this was coming out :/ Still, Ubisoft never made a bad game and Splinter Cell is a rock solid exclusive so this can't possibly be anything other than AAA..... Can it?


deadreckoning6663661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )


I can't imagine any other reason for why they delayed this game 3 times lol. I'd be hilarious if that announcement was made on XBL.

mintaro3661d ago

Yea, multi-platform...that must be it....what better to way to show that than on xbox live

The Maxx3661d ago

LOL at all the "MULTIPLATFORM" comments.

It's going to be announced on live. LOL doesn't make much sense to announce SC:C is going multiplat on xbox live.

I think it's going to be a new Ghost Recon game exclusive or timed Exclusive for the 360 IF it's not a SC:C Demo announcement.

Oldsnake0073661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Far CRY 3

maybe theyy will do a AC and make the second games alot better than the first.

far cry 1 was made by CRytek so it doesnt count

starchild3661d ago

Interesting. I really have no idea what it could be.

morganfell3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

This is likely Ghost Recon 3 that they have been working on for almost 3 years. They are moving away from the high tech world of GRAW and back to a grittier combat. Tom (Tom Devries) did the lead art on it and his work is phenomenal. Kimi is actually employed at Redstorm, a studio under Ubisoft where Ghost Recon 3 is being developed. She does other work for Ubisoft on occasion but since leaving Montreal most of her work has been for RSE.

hazardman3660d ago

Man that would be great news if it's that, but why Live?? Do you think it will be a timed exclusive?? By the way I know Ghost Recon started out on PC..but didn't it make it's console debut on the Xbox platform?? If anyone can give me some feedback that would be great..Thanks

morganfell3660d ago

It made it's console debut on the the Xbox. They ported over the original Ghost Recon. There were some changes to the maps and missions, additions of elements that came in the PC add ons, but it was essentially Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon 2 came out with wholly different versions for the Xbox and PS2. This was followed by Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike on the Xbox.

There was a PC version of GR2 that was scheduled to comer later and was essentially the Xbox version. But that version, though 85% complete was canceled because the 360 was launching in a few months and GRAW was appearing that fall on the 360 with a different (and ultimately worthless) version of GRAW made by Grin arriving on the PC. Ubisoft didn't want similar products confusing people for the GRAW premiere so they scrubbed the PC version of GR2.

The problem was that no one would have been confused and it was machts nichts because GRAW was pushed into spring of the next year. Ubisoft could have launched the PC version with no trouble but they killed it for no reason.

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dgroundwater3660d ago

Ugh Blaze, I don't want another Mexico City GRAW. Why did you have to show me that. :P

swiftshot933661d ago

I would very happy if I could play a Splinter Cell demo on my 360.

But man, a new GR announcement with a trailer would be sooooo sweet.

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