Big Sale on Final Fantasy XIII Collectors Edition Game Guide discounted Final Fantasy XIII Collectors' Edition Game Guide to under $21. That's $14 off regular price for this limited edition hardcover guide than any Final Fantasy series collector will love.

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Ninji3671d ago

I think it will be hard to get lost in a game like FF13 where you only hold forward.

vhero3670d ago

Maybe so shame this deal is US only though. I pre-ordered collectors UK version for my PS3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3670d ago

The PS3 version of this will sell out, the PS3 version of anything Final Fantasy will sell out. I don't think Final Fantasy will do well on the 360 so there is no need for a guide.

megax83670d ago

It might be useful to buy it as a collector's item. I would assume there would be decent re-seller market on it at some point, especially if it's brand new.

MadMan003669d ago

@Jason, your an idiot...I hate Fan boys like you jumping on the wagon with what everyone else is saying 360 will sell VERY well. Some of you have no idea what your talking about.

And Nini your obviously an idiot as well...There's a lot of side quests and hidden treasure chests.