Left 4 Dead 2 pushes to 2.9 million in 2009 retail sales

TVGB: "Valve's zombie apocalypse continues, aka Left 4 Dead 2, exceeded publisher EA's sales expectations last year, CEO John Riccitello said today during a conference call detailing the company's Q3 fiscal 2010 earnings."

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Bnet3433672d ago

That's very good and so much for L4D2 being a rushed game. That statement got tossed out the window once the game came out. Congrats Valve.

Anon19743672d ago

Port this game to the PS3 half decent and you've got another sale right here.

SL1M DADDY3671d ago

I bought it for the PC and love it but have to admit, you could expect at least another million in sales if they released a PS3 version. Especially one that works well with the PSN.

van-essa3671d ago

PS3 owners all game gaming PCs, so if they really wanted the game they'd get the PC ("superior) version.

TheBand1t3671d ago

lol, really any PC released nowadays can play a Valve game.

evrfighter3671d ago

"So much for the boycott. lol "

you didn't really follow the boycott did you? Most of the major issues boycotters had were addressed by Valve with the promise the Valve would support Left 4 Dead instead of trying to milk it. They flew out the boycott group leaders so that they could try out l4d2 before it launched...

You really need to follow this stuff for the next time before you make yourself look like a fool, lol.

Anon19743671d ago

What the hell is wrong with some of you. "Oh noes! He want's to play it on his console of choice! That's blasphemy!"

I don't have a gaming PC. I don't use XBL on my 360. If Left 4 Dead 2 were ported to the PS3 I would play it.

What's there to disagree with? Are you saying I wouldn't play it if it were on the PS3? I can't believe that 12 people above felt it necessary to jam the disagree button because I want to play Left 4 Dead. Are you the Taliban and you think I shouldn't be allowed to play games?

This is a site for gamers. If you disagree with someone because he wants to play Left 4 Dead in and article about Left 4 Dead, I think you're visiting the wrong site.

Chubear3671d ago

Wonder what the % of those sales are for PC & 360. PC40% & 360 60%? That sounds kinda about right don't you think?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3671d ago

Wow, evrfighter, why so touchy?

It sounds to me like you might be one of the hypocrites that cried boycott and then bought the game anyway. lol

Sorry if I touched a nerve.

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ActionBastard3672d ago

And still an $82 million loss for EA.

blue7xx73672d ago

Great news Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game I'm glad it will do good almost at 3 million which it should easily do. Scavenger mode is just awesome.

Halo3 MLG Pro3671d ago

Well deserved. Such an awesome franchise.

MajestieBeast3671d ago

Its just a mod turned turned into a franchise.

kwyjibo3671d ago

And so was Team Fortress, and so was Counter-Strike.

No one cares when they're AAA.

evrfighter3671d ago

"Its just a mod turned turned into a franchise. "

I don't think even captain picards facepalm will do this comment justice. lol

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divideby03671d ago

I never have seen one on my bud list play the new game and my bud list is almost maxed out on Live. Quite a few are old L4D1 players like me

sack_boi3671d ago

But I thought your X360 had been collecting dust since Gears 2?

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