Associatedcontent: The Decline of the Nintendo Wii

Associatedcontent: The Nintendo Wii rocked the video game world when it was released. The state of the art motion sensor phenomenon has passed and now game developers are looking elsewhere for production

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dgroundwater3670d ago


No but seriously this is the same issue gen and gen again with Nintendo. They lose third party steam sporadically throughout their console's lives. Even the end of the article says they should just lean back on Mario and Smash Brothers. I think what they mean to say is for N to crank out more 1st party AAA hardcore games. Like Zelda, Metroid Other M should count too.

Any savvy consumer knows there are still great games coming out in the next few months. Not first party either.

Mahr3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

"Gamespot writer Brendan Sinclair noted that of 800 developers surveyed, only thirty percent are working for Nintendo game production... The ebb and flow of Nintendo's popularity seems to be moving away from the tremendous success the Wii had initially held. "

Um, not really. The number of third-parties developing for the Wii and the popularity of the system have nothing to do with one another.

Unless the argument here is that people have been buying the Wii up to now for its abundant library of stellar third-party titles, in which case we're in trouble because we will have officially entered the Twilight Zone.

Shnazzyone3670d ago

People need to let that survey go. It proves NOTHING! It's based off of 800 individual developers.. how do they know they are developers?? Because they sent back a survey enclosed in a magazine targeted at game developers... oh and they also threw a couple surveys around at a developers conference.. which probably included alot of non developers.

That's the facts right there. After that survey showed up I had to look it up thinking they must have called development studios directly to get that info. Would you believe everything to be as solid from a survey sent out in issues of Gamespot or Game informer? NO!

tunaks13670d ago

the wii's 2010 lineup disagrees

ZoidsRaven3670d ago

Right, like the "decline" analysts talked about last year? I wonder what Wii's december numbers were again. Pretty much, for a console that had it's "bubble bursted". 7_7

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The story is too old to be commented.