Addicting Game of the Day: Mario Kart 64

It was a golden age for split screen multiplayer during the heyday of the Nintendo 64, and what better way to play with three of your closest friends than with Mario Kart 64. Mario Kart 64 didn't have the realism of other racing games; it did, however, rely completely on its fun factor to make it a staple of the Nintendo 64. With single and multiplayer races as well as battle modes, Mario Kart 64 was a tough game to stop playing once it was taken out of the box.

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Mario Mergola3660d ago

I actually never played this when it was on N64 but got into later. Gotta love old school Nintendo.

LukeA3660d ago

Oh man, did you miss out. There was nothing better than a few tournaments with friends back then, jumping the barrier on Rainbow Road and hoping for the best or everyone quickly picking Yoshi or Toad, with the other two players cursing their bad luck and settling for Luigi or Wario. Good times.

Murgatroyd73660d ago

Psht, Luigi was awesome. My favorite "shortcut" was probably the one on the Wario level. It was the hardest to pull off (in my opinion), but very rewarding.

LukeA3660d ago

Between this game, Golden Eye and Ocarina of Time, the N64 was a gold mine of fun back in the mid to late 90's. Even some games like Vigilante 8 and Clay Fighter 63 1/3 still get a play every now and then. Oh and Wave Race 64. Man that one was a blast.

Murgatroyd73660d ago

Sadly, I still haven't played the N64 version of ClayFighters. And Wave Race was surprisingly fun. I was actually really disappointed that they didn't revive that for the Wii.

omicron0093660d ago

I loved this game, this and golden eye were the best games on n64

Murgatroyd73660d ago

Man...those were the days. I've still got the cartridge in my game drawer and I have a digital copy on my Virtual Console. I definitely need to go back and play this sometime. The SNES version is still my favorite, though.