Gamefaqs: 10 Video Game Characters That Would Do Well In The Iron Chef Competition

Gamefaqs: The, 'Iron Chef,' was a television show in Japan that displayed a cooking competition (or a 'cook-off') between a normal, everyday chef, and the 'Iron Chef,' a chef that represented Kitchen Stadium (where the competitions took place), and each of the Iron Chefs had a specialty; Chinese, Japanese, French (which was undoubtedly the favourite, and I don't know why.

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-Alpha3671d ago

Gourmand from Power Stone is awesome.

Though, he turns into a dinosaur that sends flying pigs at you. Yeah I know, Wtf, right?

Anyways, this article is totally random. People must be running out of "top X" ideas.

I shall now use this comment to state that Power Stone 3 needs to be brought to this generation.