WoW to Add Premium Services; Micro-Transactions

Not too long ago, Blizzard Activision released information about their plans about "other revenue streams" for their successful MMO, World of Warcraft. Late last week, one of their forum employees may have dropped the ball on something that may take the game in a surprisingly new direction!

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ConnorSmith3660d ago

Personally, I feel that Blizz should be happy with the money they are getting from the subscriptions and expansions, and stay away from making people pay more, OR giving them the option to pay more!

haqshot3660d ago

Why would ANY company "be happy" with the money they are making? Do you even realize that the entire PURPOSE of a publicly-held company is to not only generate a profit, but to BEAT LAST YEAR'S PROFIT and show growth? If a CEO woke up one day and said, "Yeah, that's enough money", the company's stock price would plummet and guess what? They would no longer have the funding necessary to make the world's favorite RTS's (SC and WC3), favorite MMO (WoW), and favorite FPS (MW2).

Sorry for the harsh tone, but seriously, nobody on these forums understands how capitalism and corporate America works.

hazelamy3659d ago

when they're making as much as they are from the wow subs then damn right they should be happy.
if they're desire for ever more money starts to alienate fans then they're just getting greedy, but i guess it was inevitable once they joined up with activision.

tdrules3660d ago

this is like definately not an influence by Activision

MajestieBeast3660d ago

Activision is ruining blizzard at alarming rates.

moe843660d ago


Don't do it Blizz. Don't be THAT guy. No one likes THAT guy.

lucifon3660d ago

Sigh no context to this article. This just means they'l be charging for a web auction house service, no doubt the ability to make bids from the iphone etc will cost a little bit. Not really a major deal.

BRG90003660d ago

It's quite possibly just that you'll have to buy an iphone app for this. Not a big deal. I'd pay a flat $10 for this, though I probably would not pay a monthly amount for it if it came to that.

Also, what's with the examiner making a news article about this now? This information was readily available when the community manager made that forum post last week.