Dead Space 2 console-only, says EA Q3 release

VG247: Unless EA's dropped a typo on its third-quarter fiscal release, there isn't going to be a PC version of Dead Space 2.

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Fanb0y3662d ago

Heh. Not a lot of people will be grieving over this piece of news.

kittoo3662d ago

I wont mind playing on a console but I wanted to play it in better graphics :(

trancefreak3662d ago

I disagree their are alot of pc gamers and its a shame that the pc gets treated like this. The pc is what pushes the envelope in gaming and gaming tech and with out pc gaming all that nice tech such as high end pc with bad ass g cards are for what then?

Pc advancements also make it possible for consoles to acheive better gaming experiences.

I can go on about how alot of games get catered towards the consoles which is sad not taking advantages of high end pc gaming which is disappointing.

I am not sugesting games suk on consoles i just believe the pc isnt getting what it deserves and what enthusiast desire for high end gaming

Seems like some devs are satisfied with games looking almost the same across the board which also suks this gen. Consoles holding back what was a dominate pc monster.