PS University: Dante's Inferno Review

PS University writes: "The work of Dante Alighieri, his epic poem, The Divine Comedy has seen many adaptations and loosely based story re-workings over the years. None however, have ever really tried to accurately portray the raw and offensive nature of Hell in a video game."

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techie3667d ago

God of War III rip-off.

mrv3213667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

God of War probably wasn't the first in it's genre. It's like people calling Uncharted a Geow rip-off... despite the fact that Uncharted is nothing like Gears of War.

I play both demos and I can honestly say that while the buttons are similar the game felt soo completely different because of the atmosphere. There's no doubt in my mind GOD Of War 3 is the better game but for Dante's Inferno has the better world to be in.

Can people stop going up the rip-off tree? If the game is good then base it on that, if it's bad complain that it's bad. If it's better than what it's ripping off then STOP COMPLAINING. There's bigger things to go after... such as stupid publishers abusing gamers with lackluster games. I'll say this Dante's Inferno IS more original than MW2. SO if it's the originality your looing for complain to the 10 million that bought MW2 which probably includes you for holding us back in your view. I bought MW2 at $42 day after launch. I am happy with my purchase the game is fun enough but that's how I messure my game based on their fun factor if a title is original I'll be more sympathic with my hype for a sequel but in all honesty it won't make the game much more fun after the originality wears off which isn't long after the first hour or so. Take BC for an example the first hour wars me blowing holes in walls then that just became the norm to me and most games without destruction seems below par.

techie3667d ago

The controls are exactly the same. It's a worthy immitator...but they are so similar that it's not funny.

nskinnear3667d ago

Isn't the Visceral Games team made up of Ex-Sony SM staff? That's what I heard.

darthv723667d ago

God of war rip off as that is more general to the nature of DI. By stating the specific GoW3 you are implying that this game is on the same level as that one.

True it is a copy-cat type of does do things individually to be different. The most obvious is the setting of religious crusades as opposed to greek mythology.

I think most people have their kratos defense systems in overdrive over the idea of a game being similar to GoW. It would no doubt be the same situation if a game came out similar in style to uncharted. It's ok for companies to try and capitalize on what is successful for others. It doesnt mean it will have the same effect however.

I am really interested in how it plays on the psp. Obviously it will play like chains but that is really where the similarities should end for this game and GoW period. Just because the game plays the same doesnt mean it's the same game. I have dozens of shmups from the late 90's that all play the same with power ups and enemies flying and you shoot them and then the end boss. I still play them because they are all different in name and other gameplay mechanics enough to distinguish them from the rest.

techie3667d ago

It would have been nice to see them do something original...for there have been many original hack n slash games this generation. Heavenly Sword and Bayonetta being two of them

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Troll_Police3667d ago

So much for the GOW III killer that the Xbox fanboys were praying for.

nskinnear3667d ago


How appropriate, lol.

techie3667d ago

This is actually a good review of the game...well written too. And no need for scores to cloud your judgement!