Exclusive MLB 10: The Show Screens

PS Uni writes: "If you're a sports gamer, there is a strong chance that you're very excited for Sony's upcoming exclusive, MLB 10: The show. Not only has this franchise proven to be the definitive baseball game over the last few years, but it's improved upon itself with every yearly installment as well."

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techie3660d ago

Best sports games graphics on consoles.

Mamajuana3660d ago

The Show is awesome, sometimes I think it doesn't get the credit it deserves. Journalists were choosing Fight Night Round 4 as sports game of the year last year, are you kidding me. The Show has a lot more depth, options, graphics,,etc..etc...etc..

TheShow is more representative of baseball than Fight Night is of boxing. "Nothing gets you closer", that's the slogan for TheShow, its very true.

spektical3660d ago

hey , no one has answered yet, can someone answer if you can transfer your old player from RTTS in a previous MLB the show game?