Why Bad Company 2 Won't Dethrone Modern Warfare 2

With Battlefield Bad Company 2 aiming to steal some thunder from Infinity Wards classic pedigree shooter Modern Warfare 2 does EA/DICE Studios new entry to the overcrowded military shooter genre have what it takes to bust chops?

Modus of examines.

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Ninji3664d ago

Modern Warfare 2 sucks.

TIKUP3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Wtf one of the points in the article states that mw2 is better because you can go prone. In a game like battlefield I dont think it matters because of how large the maps are, so this article fails because the other points arnt convincing either!

Bad company 2>Mw2 ;D

Hanif-8763664d ago

Wow...they couldn't even come up with five sensible reasons hahaha :-)

randomwiz3664d ago

Personally, every game seems better than MW2 at the moment. I'm just so pissed off at its glitches and noob tubers. And what the hell is with heartbeat sensors and killstreaks that carry over in S&D.

HB Sensor + one man army noob tuber + Care Package Glitch + S&D = madness!

BeaArthur3663d ago

TIKUP...also, what is the point of going prone if the kill cam shows exactly what happnened. The whole idea of going prone is that no one will know where you are and you can be stealth like. It doesn't matter how stealth like you are when everyone you kill knows exactly where you are.

-Alpha3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Listen, I do NOT have to tell you why BC2 will be better because MW2 is SO bad that you only have to look at that game itself to realize how totally self-destructive it is.

It's not that BC2 is better (they ARE two different games after all and whether one likes the style of BC2 over MW2 is subjective)-- it's the fact that MW2 is the WORST handled high-profile game this gen.

-Online glitches and hacks like nothing other
-Slow, and few patches that don't even fix problems (1887's, care package)
-Stripped down and casual gameplay, IW turned their backs on the hardcore fans
-Major balancing issues
-Numerous poor design choices in maps and perks and killstreaks
-Ridiculous networking issues when today's standards include 256 players with minimum to no lag
-Lack of dev support

If you REALLY want to know why I prefer BC2:

-Focus is on POINTS, not kills: you are ranked by points, not kills
-Team-oriented gameplay that promotes a bigger variety of gameplay
-Dedicated servers
-Completely refined community support from DICE

When the article complains about prone you know for a fact that he is pulling at straws. BC2 will definitely not dethrone the sales, but sales are the last defense of gamers who can't argue quality, and it's crystal clear that BC2 is proving to be a better quality game than MW2 ever could be.

-Alpha3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


I have not experienced this: first, a lot of vehicles are available to the player, and a lot of people DO share. If there are empty seats you can spawn into a vehicle if your squadmate is in it. Also, many people don't vehicle camp from my experience: I see people run off as snipers to get the first few kills, I see others running to the objective, etc.


Seeing a guy get revived by his buddy medic? Take out the medic then. The first point complains about selfish players and now he complains about the opposite: players supporting other players.

If a medic is healing his players that's his Job to do so and it's more indicative of a good squad player. MW2's sandbox customization is great, but there are some serious balancing issues. The lack of juggernaut and the presence of stopping power that is even more powerful than in CoD4, the dominant class structure of "the knifing class" are all examples of how IW limited the variety of its perks and guns.

It's impossible to stop an 1887 user (before the patch), and knifing classes ruin modes like S&D where instead of defending the objectives they look for kills, which only reiterates my point that MW2 is all player-centric.


No problem. His argument is that snipers can lay on the ground -_- Ever heard of spotting? Even if you go prone players can spot you. Spotting is a bit of an issue since it can be spammed, but going prone doesn't help much, there is a ton of cover for snipers, and at least sniping is effective unlike in MW2 where Assault Rifles dominate all other guns


I play on the console, so whatever. I sincerely doubt PC gamers are complaining much.


I don't even here players talking that much unless they are in my squad. Grasping at straws at this point "I literally spent about 3 minutes of a match trying to figure out who was yelling so much." I'm sure he did.


Like any other game, ESPECIALLY MW2. This may be true, but I have not experienced any major ones (yet). But again, if this writer is trying to differentiate and compare and contrast he should probably not use something that is applicable to MW2 because MW2 is known to be much more horrible with glitches and exploits.

I'm not saying BC2 is perfect, but Dice sure as hell is working harder than IW and that reflects in their games. The fact that there are dedicated servers, EXTENSIVE beta testing, a responsive community all point to an OBJECTIVELY better game meaning that without any bias, BC2 is a better online experience than MW2 can be.

When it comes to personal tastes, I have no problem someone preferring MW2 over BC2 but I think there is a strong case to support BC2 over MW2 because MW2 in it's own right is a failure.

BeaArthur3663d ago

Alpha-Male22...totally agree, he's desperately reaching with those points. I have put a fair amount of time into the demo and I have yet to experience vehicle camping. I'm not saying it doesn't exist but I have yet to have it effect my experience. I also find it funny that he uses "it's glitchy" as an argument to defend MW2.

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yoghurt3664d ago

I am having more fun from the demo than I had in the full game of MW2. Same goes for the beta.

I don't think BFBC2 will sell as much as MW2, which is a shame as it would be great to have the same large community - but I do think that ALOT of people will be jumping ship from MW to BF after these latest versions

-Alpha3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I'm less frustrated, enjoy the game more, and I am fascinated with the scope of variety in gameplay with Battlefield Bad Company.

MW2 is horrible. I am a BIG fan and it pains me to say it, but MW2 is garbage. I tolerate a lot of crap when I play, but once BC2 comes out I am done until I see major changes.

IW is "working" on a lot of issues but the majority of them are coming in future patches. This alone shows that the game is broken and that the failure to have a beta resulted in the game being completely ruined.


I am saying that if IW really wanted to make a game to the best of their ability they should have had a beta to get rid of a good deal of problems that are now rampant in the final product. Yes, glitches are bound to be overlooked, but when IW decides to deal with them AFTER customers have paid for it is nonsense

Moduserous3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Are you under the impression that BFBC2 will be an experience entirely devoid of glitches and exploits? Who's really to blame for the exploitation of games like this? Having worked in a QA/Testing capacity for a game publisher I can attest to the fact that EVERY game goes out with bugs. So this isn't really a fair argument to level at the developer since the community only exacerbates the issue.

Anyway - just something to chew on. MW2's supply drop glitch is pretty damn annoying I can admit.

So essentially you believe that BFBC2 will work out all the issues pre-launch? OK.

-Alpha3663d ago

What? No, I didn't say that.

I'm saying that IW didn't care to test its game before launch. When a game as prestigious and big as Call of Duty is being hyped for release I would think the developers would care enough to make a launch as smooth as possible. The lack of a beta resulted in an unusually bumpy launch that is still plagued with issues today. I should not experience an overabundance of issues and exploits that could have been solved before the game launched. I'm not saying a game can't release without problems, but IW showed that they didn't care to deal with them.

Keyan Reid3664d ago

I'm just hoping for a less buggy experience this time around. I loved the first Bad Company, but it was such a glitchy game. Hopefully there's a bit more emphasis on QA this time around....

BeaArthur3663d ago

The demo has already dethroned MW2 in my house.

TehCell3663d ago

all these fanboys are just mad cuz mw2 sold more on xbox.