8.0 Review: White Knight Chronicles

TheGamersHub: White Knight Chronicles will take you on adventure with your main hero Leonard and your own avatar. The kingdom of Balandor was a peaceful kingdom till one night the kingdom would have a party but, a group called the Magi would crash the party and start attacking. Leonard would soon save the princess and learn about the white knight and then the princess gets taken and your adventure begins there. The plot of the story is very simple but, very much well-done. Save the princess and uncover the secrets of the knights. The story will take you about 15-20 hours to complete and have many different locations to go. From a forest to caves and to a desert the many different environments keeps the game at the good pace. With some plot twist here and there, and some weird story issues that doesn't make sense at all are just very little to stop this pretty good storyline. Overall the game has a story that follows a very safe and simple guideline that makes it a unique story on its own.

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