Dragon Age: Origins sells 3.2 million

TVGB: "Update: EA has shot out a press release saying the game has sold, according to their internal data, 3.2 million units worldwide. The 2.7 million figure was for the company's Q3 fiscal 2010 quarter (October-December 2009) only while the 3.2 is for lifetime sales."

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Chris3993662d ago

Have yet to get back to it (but I will). The creepy, twitchy, stiff-handed mannequin sex was just weird, sorry. It was as graceful as one rubbing Barbie and Ken together. How did they get it so right in ME: 2? Bioware really should just use a modified version of the ME engine for the sequel. I read that they were going to use a refined version of the DA engine though, so we'll see how it improves.

But really, did the hands bug anyone else? They just hung there, dead and limp like broken prosthetics. It was terribly strange.

Karsghul3662d ago

At least get to the landsmeet. Best part in the game IMO... and while your there, beat the game since the landsmeet is just a few hours before it all ends.

Chris3993662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

My plate is pretty full atm. If anything I might shelve it till it get's an "ultimate" or "gold" or whatever they call it edition. I expect something like that a few months after the expansion launches. This is a busy part of the year for releases. The fall looks to be slower, I'll find some time then.

P.S. I wasn't slagging the game, btw. The concept is great (dark/ bloody high-fantasy), but the execution just wasn't up to par with Bioware's recent work. Felt like they had their "B" team working on it. Play even the original Mass Effect (which is several years old now), then play DA and tell me there's not a disparity in quality.

Simon_Brezhnev3662d ago

Yeah i beat Dragon's Age it was good until i played The Witcher. That game made Dragon's Age seem average.

Enate3662d ago

I agree I've beaten the original Mass Effect 8 times an ME2 twice an on a third. Yet I couldn't get to far past the world map on Dragon Age before I was either falling asleep or bored from the slow paced combat with uninspiring melee animations. An I even just played kotor for the first time last year an thought it was great. Yet I just could not get into Dragon Age at all, an if its a question I played it on the PC.

corneliuscrust3661d ago

in that Dragon Age didnt thrill me one bit. I really wanted to like it because I enjoy medieval RPGs like the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind in particular, but Oblivion wasnt TOO bad). I went back a few times, but I just couldnt stay with Dragon Age... just seemed like it had huge potential but ended up feeling really dated to me :(

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Bigpappy3662d ago

Not for fanboys to fight over. I am just curious to see which games sell better on which system. I could guess, but that would not be accurate.

Letros3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'd like to see the PC sales charts really, it was the definitive version, the genre was born on PC. If I had to guess I would say 360 as #1, mostly because the Bioware following after ME1, admit it, you never heard of Bioware before ME1, you know who you are =).

Da One3662d ago

Hey dammit don't be calling us out. lol

I love Bioware now

kingdavid3662d ago

Actually I think ps3 was number 1. I remember reading it was outselling the 360 version.

Anyway, pc versions will always be last when it comes to multiplatform titles. Its almost way too easy to pirate.

lord_of_balrogs3662d ago

NDP chart shows the 360 version outselling the PS3 version 2:1. Nah I started playing Bioware games on the xbox starting with kotor. then I went back and played BG2 and NWN.

led10903662d ago

@KingDavid.....There were no reports of the ps3 version outselling the 360 version. Just that the downloadable content for the ps3 version had garnered more than one million dollars. And i doubt this includes the digital sales. Look at the numbers for Left 4 Dead. 2.9 million units sold. But according to Vgchartz the 360 version sold 2.8 million so less than 100k for the PC for a multiplayer game? I highly doubt it man

sakura20093662d ago

king is right. ps3 version outsold the 360 version

dragunrising3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

@ Kingdavid & Sakura- Where are you getting these made up numbers? The PS3 version sold the worst. You can confirm this with NPD or VGChartz. Give me a source.

360 version:
1.31 million sold

PS3 version:
.62 million sold

Before you get all "vgchartz suckz," keep in mind they adjust their sales figures to match more legit chart trackers such as npd, chart-track, and media-create.

The 360 version sold far more. It shouldn't even be contested.

PotNoodle3662d ago

The PC version probably sold the most, simply because of all the hype it got in the PC community.

kerrak3662d ago

Do you talk about this site where if you politely disagree with their numbers you get banned?
I used to check them as a mere reference. Now i'm sure they don't even deserve this consideration.

Solidus187-SCMilk3661d ago

untill mass effect 1/2 the reason I remember bioware was for MDK2. Which was crazy. I played little KOTR but it wasnt for me.

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Solbadguy3662d ago

both PS3 and then PC version. Beat it on PS3 then sold it cause PC version was by far, better.

led10903662d ago

According to Vgchartz the two console versions combined equal 1.8 million. So the PC version must have sold around 1.4 million copies. And i seriously doubt this includes the digital sales.

spektical3662d ago

idk what to pick up, this or Demon Souls...

Letros3662d ago

Two different games, if you enjoy story, choice, adventure, and a game more like KOTOR, Dragon Age.

If you're keen on a 3D style Diablo game, then Demon Souls.

Both good titles, can't go wrong, I'd say you'll get more hours out of DS, but only because you're dying a ton haha.

RadientFlux3662d ago

Dragon Age, there wasn't enough story elements in Demon Souls to keep me interested.

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