Cerberus Armor and Eviscerator Shotgun DLC Available Tomorrow Feb 9

Chris Preistly has announced on the bioware forums that a new armour and weapon are being released tommorrow. Check out the link for screenshots and more info

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duplissi3667d ago

how bout an expansion no?
armor and weapons are nice and all until you beat it......

JeffGUNZ3667d ago

It's better than nothing. Don't worry, I am sure some expansions will hit this spring.

NewZealander3667d ago

awesome! anyone know if you can have the helmet off with this armor?

either way it sounds sweet to me, ive been playing around forty hours, completing nearly every side quest i come across, i just cant get enough!

duplissi3667d ago

Mass effect 2 was such a good game i dont want to wait for mass effect 3 to get my fix. isnt there that other character? she would come with a loyalty mission at least. i hope your right anyway.

JeffGUNZ3667d ago

Yeah, I really think the new character will be the first expansion DLC. Man, I wish Wrex was on my squad, he's the man.

ASSASSYN 36o3666d ago

Not saying you are complaining. But it was free.

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BrokenAnarchy3667d ago

Why couldn't they do a helmet toggle for the DLC armor. I want to use my Collector armor but I hate using helmets.

mrb3ar3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I am looking forward to this!

this is extremely off topic, but does anyone know the name of the song that plays in lower afterlife? I can't find it anywhere!

Here is the track:

FantasyStar3667d ago

I totally want to buy Mass Effect 2, but I don't support EA's form of DRM against Used-games. Sorry, I just don't. I'm a full believer that if your game rocks and it rocks hard, then people will buy it to support you. They don't need stupid "incentives" like Cerberus Network to buy it new. And I'm missing out on a great game because I stand by my principles.


js7263667d ago

What's the big problem with incentives? The publisher (and the developer) don't gain any profit from the sale of used games. Trying to earn back some of those used buyers with incentives is brilliant and much less stupidly harmful than the PC DRM fiascos that every company has been involved in. On top of that, any used buyer who's that desperate for the Cerberus Network? They can just buy it from the XBL Marketplace (or straight from Bioware on PC? Is it even on PC?).

If you're not interested in the Cerberus all means, go buy it used in a few months when the price comes down. I look at the incentives as a simple bonus, as most of the games that have been utilizing it are things I would purchase new (preferably on day one) in order to support the devs.

FantasyStar3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I see your point very well, but I just don't feel comfortable about this much control over a game. I just want to get a game, play it, get some stuff off the XBLM and get on with it. And now there's an extra step of the Network. How many more steps will companies take to protect their content? I'm speaking with my wallet here and won't buy ME2 because I see a pattern emerging.