Mass Effect 2: Too Early to Call Game of the Year?

Impressive, huh? It's only February, and we've already had uber space opera Mass Effect 2 scoring over 40 perfect scores across "Game Review Land"! Looking across the release landscape for the year, I can't really see any major titles that will put a dent in the Normandy's hull.

Of course, I'm biased. I've loved every minute of scoring my 1000 Gamerscore. I luxuriated in that damn game like I was taking a warm bath at a five star spa, complete with a Russian woman giving me a … pedicure.

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FangBlade3665d ago

And where is the PC channel?

CobraKai3665d ago

Still need to actually play the other games before calling in game of the year.

Myst3665d ago

Short answer:

Long answer:
How would you nominate game of the year to Mass Effect 2 in January ( even February ) when their is still at least eleven (ten) more months to go? Not only are we still missing out on other various games that have yet to come out, but also their could also be some previously unannounced games or games that were in the shadow that could still come out.

To me if someone wanted to nominate game of the year right here and now, I'd say they'd be afraid of another game stealing it's limelight. Wait until at least the end of the year to fairly access what the other games bring to the table, then one can make a fair judgment as to what would be game of the year.

Darkeyes3665d ago

Too many big hitters this year and sadly games which release early will probably be forgotten at the end of the year just like KZ2 was last year. ME2 is a phenomenal game, but so are the many games landing in 2010.

I am willing to bet GOTY goes to a game landing after September... At least that is what the usual trend has been for the past 3-4 years (2007-COD4, 2008-LBP/Fallout 3, 2009-UC2).

Troll_Police3665d ago

Yep, too early to declare a winner. It will be a contender for sure.

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