Destructoid: Analyzing No More Heroes 2, part 2: The bosses, part 2

Destructoid writes: "Here it is, the second and final post from me about the bosses of No More Heroes 2. Honestly, I'm worried that it's sort of stupid to put these posts out so quickly after the game's release, as I feel that I'm far from really figuring it all out. I've already had a few new ideas about the first nine bosses that I wish I'd written in the other NMH2 boss analysis post, and since I'm about to dive into writing this next post, I'm still trying to figure out what the last nine bosses mean to me."

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Shnazzyone3664d ago

kindof a cool article. Good read. Interesting to see the bosses given a reasonable interpretation. For a game that prides itself on just being awesome fun... it's actually a little deep... in the literal sense.

EvilTwin3664d ago

The bosses are mostly less talkative this time around, but the majority of them still represent some sort of societal problem or they're a metaphor for Travis' "struggle."

It boggles my mind that so many reviewers COMPLETELY MISSED the social commentary in the first game. Look at the assassins -- bad father, misogynistic rage-a-holic, abused alcoholic with messed up sexual values, the high school student so bored she looks for dangerous fun...this stuff was much more obvious in the first game, yet almost no reviewer "got" it.