The Current State of Mac Gaming - Part 2

Bitmob wrote about history of gaming on the Mac, explaining how it came to be in such a sorry state before Apple announced the move from PowerPC to Intel architecture. They left off with the reaction to the Intel switch from developers, commentators and users. Some predicted the transition would be the final death-knell of Mac games, since there was no longer a barrier to playing Windows games on the Mac.

Others suggested it would kill the porting industry, but only harm rather than destroy business for the few surviving developers of original Mac games. The more optimistic types thought it might be a boon for Mac gaming, as both porting and multi-platform development would be significantly easier now that Macs were built from the same parts as their PC brethren.

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Letros3671d ago

Mac's have the operating power for sure, there is just not enough market share to justify porting many things to mac. I think if Apple took a better stance to it, possibly entered the console market, things would change.