Gender Identity and Game Avatars

For as long as there have been female characters as selectable options in games some men have had to prove their manhood by answering the question 'why are you playing as a girl?'. As games become more connected and more social the ability to choose the gender of your avatar has changed things. Often times in games that don't have some obvious give away (like voice chat) you don't even know the gender of the person you are playing the game with.

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Myst3662d ago

An interesting and very nice read for these tired eyes of mine. More often than not a guy will always try out a few female avatars for the reasons listed at the very beginning "Rather look at female than male". As an person who usually switches back and forth between a male and female avatar ( always use both if possible ). Most of the things the author lists does occasionally happen, guys will hit on you at the drop of a hat. That happened the most when I first started getting into some MMOs.

Though over the years it seems to have slowly died down a bit, whether it due to some girls playing as guys or people becoming used to my female name or my only ID that shows up. Maybe it's just the fact that some games I'd want to play a female character over a male and some I'd want to play a male over female.

In closing I'd say that it really shouldn't matter if someone is playing a female or male character especially if it's an online MMO that requires teams. All that would matter is whether they could get the job done :).