MAG Developer Tips: Suppression

Now that MAG is roughly two weeks old and players have familiarized themselves with the game and its mechanics, we've decided to help all of you take the next step towards becoming MAG superstars. Specifically, every day over the next three weeks we'll be offering a bevy of developer facts and strategies from the team right here at Zipper Interactive. With inside info like that, you can expect to learn plenty of tips, tricks and tactics that should make you all the more prepared for becoming masters of MAG's game modes, character classes and leadership roles.

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Raoh3672d ago

I think I only played suppression once or twice. Sabotage and Domination are my favorite modes.

edwineverready3672d ago

Sabotage is great fun. Domination is great to but is very energy consuming because it is very intense.That's why i play it a few times a day, but i can play sabotage the whole day no problem. I need help this is the first time i am addicted to a mp.

nycredude3672d ago

I am going give you guys the best tip you can have with MAG. Every time you play with or meet a clan or group who all have mics and are good together you send friend invites out asap. Build up your list of MAG friends and play with them. The game is infinitely better when you play with like minded people.

Of course they will only friend you if you are any good and they are impressed with you skills so get cracking soldier.

raztad3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Suppression is just for getting started. A simple team deathmatch. Once you reach Sabotage and up there is no coming back to suppression.


I see. Nice one. I usually play Domination but when I feel like having something "lighter" Sabotage is my choice.

edwineverready3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I use suppression to get a few point when i am near leveling up. This way it only takes me a few minuts to get that weapon i was craving.

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