GayGamer: Mass Effect 2 Review

GayGamer writes: "Graphically, Mass Effect 2 erases the memory of the juddering aliasing and texture-clash from the first game. Every scene is rendered beautifully in fine-grained detail, to the point where I mistakenly thought several side missions were going to be full-on mega plot points simply because my shuttle landing was so ridiculously well-lit. Color is everywhere and there are no more repetitious cookie-cutter environments. Everywhere you go feels excellently well-done, from the skeletal ruin of an enormous battleship that teeters over the edge of a ravine (and actually does teeter, perilously, as you scamper about its ruined frame) to the former quarian colony now ravaged by a mysteriously hostile sun. In the latter, stepping into the sunlight burns away your shields - it's an awesome trick.:

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likedamaster3669d ago

I wonder if Hardcore Christian Gamer deducts points for the protagonist damning God? No, they don't.

Personal views on these things should be excluded in reviews. I personally judge those things in a game only if it will hinder my enjoyment of a game.

Overall, he/she... err, the reviewer had nothing but good things to say about the game.