Square-Go: MAG Review

The year is 2025 and countries all around the world can no longer manage to afford large scale military operations outside of their own borders. Therefore a number of PMC (private military companies) emerge who carry out the fighting for all for the right price. The largest three are Valor Company, Raven Industries, and S.V.E.R (Seryi Volk Executive Response). Valor is formed from the US, Canada, UK and Mexico where as Raven is made up of Europeans and S.V.E.R is comprised of the Russians allied with the Middle East. Now that the bids are locked in all three are about to be thrown in together with the winner taking all.

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Shendow3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

See that isn't to bad of a score, MAG is a great FPS and maybe the best out their. But it isn't a FPS for everyone to.

Another little person with no life, that has to just click disagree.

erathaol3665d ago

Is that MAG is building a strong following like some fun old classic FPS used to, such as Counter-Strike, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Quake III. What sucks is MAG won't have the Mod support to keep mixing it up to make it fresh and interesting, at least it has strong dedicated servers with little to no lag.

Cyrax_873665d ago

People need to remember it's an online only game. How many online only games on console gets reviews above 90?