Loading Reality Review: Dark Void

"Dark Void is the perfect game to rent, which I am sure Capcom is unhappy to hear. With no lasting value, it is hard to recommend slapping down $60 for this game. While the unique ideas and concepts are fun to play and worth experiencing the cost of admission is just far too great. Even after renting this game you will have to look past the story and enjoy the game for what it is. Expect an average game with new unique ideas executed just well enough to gain your respect. I have a feeling the game will not sell well and the only sad part about that is I really could see a Dark Void 2 being a much better game with perhaps some online dog fighting and a more fleshed out story. I trust that if you were a fan of The Rocketeer you will have a hard time while playing this game wishing it was the game based on the movie."

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