Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy XIII + Submit Your Questions

Over on the PlayStation.Blog.Europe, Jem Alexander managed to wrangle up a great Q&A with Final Fantasy XIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Director Motomu Toriyama. But Europe's not stealing all the fun – We're heading up to San Francisco later today to speak with Mr. Kitase and Mr. Toriyama, as well as FFXIII's Battle Director Yuji Abe for the first time. So now's the time to get those final questions out there (That's Final Fantasy XIII only, so please keep your questions on that topic. They won't be discussing anything Versus- or Agito-related). We're almost exactly a month out from the game's release, after all.

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Obama3667d ago

Q: Why do you have to gimp it for the 360?

Marty83703666d ago

Crapboxes sucky hardware limitations. lol

Jump Out, Play B3yond

Ravage273666d ago

it definitely wouldn't end well

GrandDragon3666d ago

"If it’s just a case of attaining high resolution graphics, only, then that wouldn’t be that difficult, but if we were to achieve the same graphical standard as in XIII with a PS1 title, then that would be a huge, huge task. Almost unrealistic. Even with a PS2 title it would be difficult."

"In the case of God of War, there weren’t really that many characters in the game — the main character and some monsters, maybe ten people or so. That would not be unachievable."

"...As with Final Fantasy titles in the past, like on PS1, even just the main characters amount to around 10 people. Then you have all the NPCs, you’re probably looking at about 200 characters total. All with individual textures for the skin, plus costumes, facial features and everything. That would be a really tricky job."

This latest elaboration of this particular issue makes MUCH more sense. SE are going through a huge learning curve, they had difficulty creating FFXIII and they are still learning to be efficient. Honesty is praiseworthy yet the immature people on N4G are butt hurt

riksweeney3666d ago

Question 1. Why did you remove the Japanese theme song and replace it with a random album track from a Pop-Factor contestant?

Julie3666d ago

Where are my friends! the Moogles! Kupo! D:

And really why there are no minigames and no hidden stuff :(

GrieverSoul3666d ago

Why cant PS3 users have the japanese voices on their version of the game?!

AngryFork3666d ago

Agree with this. Square Enix says it's because they want to make both versions equal but FF13 is the first PS3 RPG and Square produced like 4 for the 360 already.

They're showing so much love to the 360 but can't put Japanese voices on the PS3 version? Even though there's room on the Blu Ray? It's BS.

Dark-vash3666d ago

Why S-E Jrpg's are constantly westernized ?

MGS_fanatico_3666d ago

Why did you have to go and sacrifice quality and basically a whole game's worth of content for some MicroDick lovin'?
And - Could you please, and I mean PLEASE not f*ck up Versus and just let Nomura do his thing? No? Still haven't learned sh*t? Oh, well, can't say we didn't warn ya'!
FF13 is a rental for me...Sorry Square! =)

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