GameSpy: White Knight Chronicles Review

GameSpy writes: "Over the past decade, the creative minds at Level-5 have established themselves as master crafters of some of gaming's most momorable backdrops: the quaint rustic setting of Professor Layton, the alternate-reality medieval France of Jeanne d'Arc, and the expansive vistas of Dragon Quest VIII, among many others. Despite the developer's Japanese origins, these aren't the domains of spiky-haired tweens and coquettish, buxom fan-fiction fodder."

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Shendow3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

A 4 would be not so bad, but it seems people don't like RPG's or think the only RPG that is great for this year is FF13. But 13 lacks all the stuff WKC has.

Anyways, I'm happy with the game an I play games off an on, I been mostly playing MAG and WKC, I pick up a use copy of Heavenly Sword and play it alittle bit.

Wow one agree and one disagree, If you are going to disagree. Please say why or you just got no life and just click on disagree.

Prototype3660d ago

I just beat the game under 30 hours, it's actually not that bad

The ending does open up for a sequel and I hope they do answer some more questions. Also I do like it has new game + which makes it that much better.

I'm still on the fence about FF13 because I'm gonna hate buying it only to go back to WKC just to get my RPG fix.

Shendow3660d ago

This is way I got about 100 PSN games, about 20 PS3 disc base games, my gf's Wii and all my old school system to play. I go back an play alot of old games.

How many people went back to playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES? I have, even when I had a PS3 and a Wii of my own.

hatchimatchi3660d ago

I have WKC and FFXIII.

Both are great games but i'm interested to see what scores FFXIII gets. In my opinion, WKC should be no less than a 4/5. It's an extremely solid game with an infinite amount of replay value.

FFXIII is an awesome game but it lacks so many things that other jrpgs have. The game is linear as can be and there are literally no towns. I wasn't too bothered by that but I think it'll be interesting to see what scores FFXIII receives when WKC has been getting low scores.

What i'm getting at is that reviewers are making WKC out to be this game that is a complete mess and doesn't work how it should. The game is great and has really shown a whole new way to play jrpg games on consoles. FFXIII on the other hand is a jrpg that has cut an extreme amount of corners (it's extremely westernized).

One thing I must say about FFXIII is that the story seems incredible. I wish i could read japanese, march isn't too far off though. :)

TheHater3660d ago

I can guaranty you that if you would switch the name of WKC to FF and FF to WKC, everyone and their mother would be raving about WKC. Its sad that people goes by name alone and not the contents in the game. You take out the name FF out of FFXIII and no one will care about that game.
Gamers need to open up their eyes and see what these publishers and developers are doing. They are relying on the name of the product rather than the content that the product provides.

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Shendow3660d ago

lol how cute, a person that has to use a flash light to scare darkness away, in stand of being a man.