IBM Launches Power 7 Processor

This could be our first look at what could be the chip powering the PS4.

The processor is a big step for IBM, integrating eight processing cores in one chip package, with each core capable of executing four tasks--called "threads"--turning an individual chip into a virtual 32-core processor. As a yardstick, Intel's high-end Xeon processors--systems that Power7 will compete with--typically have two threads per processing core.

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Xwow20083668d ago

a 1 powerful processor.

fullmetal2973667d ago

This CPU is design for servers not for the average consumer products, "Rivals include Hewlett-Packard servers based on Intel's Xeon and "Tukwila" Itanium processors and servers from Sun Microsystems."

Sony would probably go the straight-forward route and include a Cell processor with more SPE's and/or PEE cores and shrink the die, so the PS4 can be backwards-compatible with PS3 games if they decide to release the console in the near future.