5 Tips on Being a Better Agent in Global Agenda

When it comes to action-based shooters like Global Agenda, gear is good but skill is better. Way better. Even the most technologically endowed enemies can come crashing down with a little teamwork and creative ingenuity.

But if you're new to the game, new to action-based shooters, or just not doing so hot in your PvP matches, then you might need some help.

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Myst3662d ago

Still debating with myself whether to buy this as a birthday present to myself or hold off. From what I keep seeing is that it's worth it since it's like TF2 ( though I've never played it ) plus it gives me an MMO to play. I guess I can always flip a coin and see whether or not to buy it.

Dylken3661d ago

started playing this in open beta and have been loving it. alot like TF2 but the mmorpg aspects make it a very worthwhile play giving you the "fruits off your labor", and the gameplay is tons of fun. recommend it to all :)