Digital Chumps: White Knight Chronicles - International Edition Review

DC writes: "White Knight Chronicles follows the adventures of an ex-wine delivery boy named Leonard. He is pulled into the middle of a confrontation with battling nations and is pretty much forced to rescue Princess Cisna from a group of evil people. Along the way, or rather during a rescue, he runs into an ancient armor that is called White Knight. As stated by one of his followers, many people have tried to use the armor and have died in the process. Thankfully, Leonard gets the armor on and is determined to rescue Cisna with the armor's help. Along the way he will run into other forms of armor sported by good/bad folks with different missions to accomplish."

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Myst3667d ago

"Don't discount this game too much, give it a go before you decide to move on because there are still some pretty cool elements in White Knight Chronicles."

This pretty much sums up all my thoughts about White Knight Chronicles and what some people are saying about it. There is always renting which can swing a person to getting the game or away from getting the game. Either way, a weekend rental isn't much and it gives a person the taste of the game. All in all I would agree with their rating, though partially becomes it comes fairly close to my own.

If anyone has it and needs help questing online or whatnot or even to get some things. I'll be finishing the story tonight hopefully and working on Georama and my level for the majority of this week ( as well as playing ME2 ). Currently my level is around 32 (33?) So just shoot me a PM if any help is needed.