EA in 'Play?'

CNBC has a posted a story on EA, indicating that the company reports earnings today (which are likely below estimates) and that more layoffs are imminent. Additionally, speculation that EA may be trying to shed jobs in order to fatten up its bottom line in order to attract a takeover bid.

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RememberThe3573662d ago

We have enough conglomerates in the world we don't need to make one of them fatter. EA is on the right track right now, they just need to adjust they're advertising to their new approach of making games. They are expecting their new IP's to sell like licensed games and that doesn't make any freakin sense. They just had Mass Effect 2 launch and it is doing fantastically. The rest of the years looks even better(financially) with Battle Field, Dante's Inferno, And Metal of Honor, ect. But we will see how it goes more job losses are not what we need right now though...

frankymv3662d ago

They have yet to publish a truly stellar title this gen and with every game, they same to try and emulate an aspect of Modern Warfare.

exnihilonihilfit3661d ago

MW wasn't really genre redefining, there weren't very many aspects of that game which weren't already incorporated into other games. Given that shooters are only a very small fragment of what they publish, I don't see how "every game" they make can incorporate something from MW since most of their games have nothing in common with MW. Also, don't forget that they just bought Bioware so they'll be having a lot of hits role out from there. I just don't see them selling now since they're about to unleash quite a few major titles including Crysis 2 another Dragon Age and Deadspace 2, all games that are certain to sell like mad and be triple A titles.

kissmeimgreek3662d ago

but what about MS? i remember a while ago them meeting about buying out EA. I wonder if thats still a possibility? I doubt it would be good for the industry as a whole though...

exnihilonihilfit3661d ago

They'd have to talk with Sony too. It would start a major bidding war, which EA would want in order to drive up the price. Sony really can't afford for MS to take away all the franchises that EA controls.