What Exactly Makes GameStop's AvP Pre-Order Bonus "Exclusive?"

iTZKooPA writes: "I spent some time scouring the Internet for the best deal on Aliens vs Predator this weekend. One of my friends was doing much the same, only he was paying more attention to the details, rather than the final price, which is my wont. During his comparisons he realized that GameStop's "exclusive" pre-order bonus, a set of three multiplayer skins, aren't exclusive at all. In fact, the exact same bundle of skins is offered with the purchase of the game through Steam."

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I3663d ago

Wonder if any store is going to have an exclusive to make the ps3 version work online?

iTZKooPA3662d ago

That's a bug in the demo, I'd assume that Rebellion will have a day 1 patch out. The bug was already fixed on the PC version, but that version had a head start since it was caught on that platform first.

SnukaTheMan3662d ago

Im doing the same for bioshock 2....bioshock 1 was a classic and you cant milk more out of that experience 2k marin...I think final fantasy and battlefield bad company 2 are the only games im looking foward to upcoming....I still have plenty of games till then.

hakis863662d ago

Having problems getting Universe at War working though (who cares, really, I just want my AVP :) )
can't WAIT to download it!!

iTZKooPA3661d ago

Definitely an odd bundle, I guess Sega just wanted to try and popularize UAW more?