Top 10 Xbox360 Games of 2010

While 2009 has been an up and down year for the Xbox 360 in terms of software, 2010 is looking to be a much more action-packed year. It's obvious that the next twelve-months in terms of video gaming is going to be filled with top-tier titles from both first-party and third party publishers.

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-Alpha3660d ago

Why is Final Fantasy #1, I'd expect Halo Reach to easily be the top game of 2010 for the 360 considering it's going to be the hugest release of 2010 overall. Sales are bound to be huge and scores are likely to be as great considering Bungie's track record and Halo's success.

Anyways, just another 2010 article, but IMO Halo Reach is going to be the biggest game of 2010.

BeaArthur3660d ago

I'm with you there. But more than that the hole list is backwards. How does UFC Undisputed make the list at all? Especially when they leave Dead Space 2 as a "bonus pick" and they didn't put BFBC2 on there at all. Maybe this is the ideal list for the guy who wrote the article but that is an odd list.

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DelbertGrady3660d ago

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