15% Off GameStop Coupon On Wii DS Games is offering 15% off any number of Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS games when you enter coupon code LUVNU at check-out. This is the best Nintendo Wii/DS coupon that was available this year. Combining with free shipping coupon, many of the games (such as Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All-Stars) can be had at lowest prices ever available.

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JosiahB3671d ago

Very cool...I'll have to use this when I pre order MH3. I might pre order RS2 as well so I could use it on that to. Wonder how long this deal lasts...

ninfan3671d ago

I obviously don't know for sure but based on the coupon name it sounds like it will be available till Valentine's Day. So probably a good idea to order asap

JosiahB3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Oh. Right...Wow got to do that soon...

EDIT: O darn I just found out it ends on the 11th...Now I have to get it really soon...

ninfan3670d ago

You beat me to it. I was actually coming to reply to your post again and to say it's on 11th. Saw during check-out.