SFG: For better or worse, Video Games are now Mainstream.

BKnight at SFG writes "Long have Gamers everywhere yelled and screamed that we want our hobby to be put on the same level as other popular hobby's. Remember when the only time that the mainstream news media payed any attention to Video Games was because of some type of controversy. Whether it was the "Hot Coffee" scandal from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to the supposed link between hit PC game Counter Strike and the horrible shooting at Columbine.

Since the beginning of the Industry video games has been known for only two things, one was the "Video Games are for kids" and "Video Games are going to make everyone violent". You don't have to have a PhD in anything to see that these two comments are untrue, you just needed to be a gamer to know it."

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ASSASSYN 36o3669d ago

"Video Games are for kids." That one has boggled my mind for years. Kids can't keep up with quantity of games I but every month or the hardware I play them on.

Farmhand3669d ago

i know right, i cant believe that after all the gaming industry has been thru, it still cant seem to shake that description

Handhelds_FTW3667d ago

Far from it, how many times has the media gone nerd rage over a subject matter found in videogames.

Does Modern Warefare 2 and a certain airport scene ring a bell? How is that not a realistic possibility in today's world, one that should be taken very seriously as a matter of fact.

As far as the "mainstream" is concerned, we might as well still be jumping on Goombas.