Nudity Not Needed: Loving The Love of Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 has tremendous love scenes, but is the lack of nudity as important as some are making it out to be? Jason Fanelli of gives his take.

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DanCrabtree3669d ago

Dude, how could you possibly argue in favor of less boobs.

Just shameful, Jason. Shameful.

SlamVanderhuge3669d ago

To be fair, you can get boobs anywhere. It's impossible to miss em

italianbreadman3669d ago

A wise take on the meaning of the word mature, which I have never liked as a descriptor for gratuitous content in games.

The mushy stuff's nice, too. In my own playthrough, Tali was just too adorable to resist this time, stumbling over words and truly displaying her feelings for Shepard. And the fact that I played out an earlier scene with Jack in the engine room, which was more sport than romance, it made the later, emotional scenes all the more meaningful.

Murpho3669d ago

Great article. I couldn't agree with you more. Though I didn't pursue a relationship in my ME2 playthrough (decided to stay faithful and see how that plays out in ME3), from what I just watched the scenes were just as powerful, if not more so, than in Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect 2 isn't about crazy action and sex; its about building a team of misfits and outcasts, finding out how they have problems just like everyone else, and bonding with them to overcome great adversity.

erevela3668d ago

The cliche of "leaving something to the imagination" has its advantages...especially if you have a good imagination....