PS3 'Steadily Increasing' Market Share Across the Globe

IndustryGamers writes: Research and Markets has released a new report on the growth trends of video consumer devices, including gaming consoles. From a geographical standpoint, the report found that Sony's PS3 is doing a good job increasing its global footprint.

"The PS3 is dominant in Japan and Korea, and as of June 2008, has begun to outsell the Xbox 360 in Europe. It is also steadily increasing its market share in all other regions across the globe, including in the North American market," the report said, while noting that the Xbox 360 still sells more than the PS3 in North America, and consequently, 360 sales still beat PS3 in total worldwide sales.

Even so, PS3 sales have been surging (44% over the holidays) and SCEA senior vice president of Marketing and PlayStation Network, Peter Dille, recently insisted that PS3 will eventually overtake Xbox 360.

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PimpHandHappy3662d ago

Microsoft "steadily replacing" 360's around the globe

reintype3662d ago

What a load of crap!

NA and UK are the only places where the 360 leads. Everywhere else its the PS3. Not to mention, that after the Sony dropped the Slim, the 360 won only one month in NA, NOV. albeit with the help of MW2 and banned 360's.

Mr_Bun3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I assume they mean 'total sales to date'...not just for the year.
There is no denying that the PS3 is outpacing the 360.

TheDudeAbides3662d ago

PS3 will outsell 360 by the day next gen console is out

deadreckoning6663662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Reintype, who the hell cares who passes who! ALL consoles are doing very well considering the economy we are in. If you REALLY are passionate about the games industry, why not support all 3 next gen-consoles in order to help keep the industry going.

sikbeta3662d ago

Good For Sony, now they need to break even, so it'll More Money to Invest in More Amazing Games, cuz that's the whole Point IMO

I'm waiting for Eight Days and The Getaway Sequel

Gamers FTW!!!

GiantEnemyCrab3662d ago

reintype: Provide some factual evidence to that.. I always here it but I can't seem to find anyone who can prove that without using spotty VGChartz..

TBH I don't there is a source who can.

ico923662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"....... and UK are the only places where the 360 leads."

yah until GT5 comes and conqures all of europe.

CWMR3662d ago

-"NA and UK are the only places where the 360 leads"

Yeah, I'd like to see you provide some evidence for that claim.

This report was clearly talking about recent worldwide sales, not overall installed bases.-

Maddens Raiders3662d ago

I don't appreciate the logic that you're using. It pretty much diffuses any likelihood of "manufactured debates" ^^^::looks @1.5:: *cough* and we all know how much fun that can be. >_>

captain-obvious3662d ago



morganfell3662d ago

Reliable figures come from each company's financial reports.

And remember, Sony doesn't alter their numbers every time Microsoft announces sales figures. Sony doesn't need to worry.

The figures have been posted here on N4G. The final quarter for the year isn't available but analysts expect Sony to continue the lead over the period ending in March. Be big boys and look the stories up. Nintendo leads, followed by Sony, then Microsoft.

nycredude3662d ago


Last I check there were only 2 next gen console, albeit one of which is borderline.

Saaking3662d ago

It's the fourth year of the PS3 and BOTH PS consoles before lit on fire in their fourth year. It was the year they took off and destroyed everything else. It seems that the PS3 is on it's way to do just that. Especially with such HUGE games as GT5 and GOW.

Shadow Flare3662d ago

Is the borderline one the wii?

J/K, we all know you're talking about the Winzip 360

morganfell3662d ago

Just remember, it isn't the 4th year of the PS3 in Europe...yet.

jaysquared3661d ago

Yes the PS3 is increasing its marketshare but the bigger picture is Sony is going to be losing market share this generation while M$ and Ninty gained compared to last gen. The PS2 is has now probably sold 160 million and I highly doubt the PS3 will sell even half of that! M$ with the original Xbox sold 25 million and is currenlty up to 35 million with the 360s.. Gamecube sold 20 million last gen and with the wii it has sold more than 70 million! Winner of this Gen is ninty while 2nd place is still up for grabs but even if the PS3 comes in 2nd it has still been a disappointment compared to the PS2! While M$ should be happy that they have increased their total console sold..

onanie3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

"the report said, while noting that the Xbox 360 still sells more than the PS3 in North America, and consequently, 360 sales still beat PS3 in total worldwide sales..."

It sounds like "industrygamers" misinterpreted the report, since selling more in the US does not, in any manner, equal selling more worldwide. Nevertheless, it does give hilarity to the fact that some (a random internet blog site is not immune) still hold the unimaginably ignorant view that US = world.

jaysquared, how could Sony have lost marketshare with the PS3 if it started at 0% anyway. Try to think a little.

jaysquared3661d ago

"jaysquared, how could Sony have lost marketshare with the PS3 if it started at 0% anyway. Try to think a little"

I was comparing the PS2 install base to the current install base of the PS3.. Try to read a little.. thanks..

rockleex3661d ago

With over 100 million PS3 units sold.

Will Microsoft even get close to that?

onanie3661d ago

This generation hasn't ended, and PS3 started at 0% marketshare and has since gained on the 360, so when has Sony ever lost marketshare with the PS3?

The comparison to its predecessor (PS2) is artificial, since all new consoles had to start from 0% marketshare. It is idiotic to take a random snapshot of PS3's early years and say it hasn't got the same marketshare as the PS2. See where I am going?

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alphakennybody3662d ago

Something that fanboys tend to forget is, yes those number are overall since launch but how many of those should we crunch out due to malfunction on all three sides I'm sure out of those 39 million 360 sold quite a number of those are dead consoles Although I expect less from the 35million ps3 and 60 million wii its the same, some of those numbers are dead consoles.

divideby03662d ago

so many are just in complete denial about what you commented upon.
GameStop and BB counts every 360 sold as a sale, they do NOT lessen their sales numbers by the numbers of 360s returned.
So they got me down for 3 360s and 2 were returned.
MS #s are inflated by ~ 25% which is the nominally failure rate for the 360....what do you expect from a company who openely lied about the failure rate...."failure rates are within industry standards", sounds just like "I didnt have sex with that girl"..LMAO

Anon19743662d ago

When a dead 360 goes back, research has shown that consumers deal with the point of purchase first, manufacturer warranty second.

Retailers don't report back to Microsoft how many consoles are returned. They have their own internal mechanics and insurance to cover those. All Microsoft sees is another 360 going out the door to replenish stock.

Taking that into consideration we know that Microsoft's 360 sales data doesn't represent actual working 360's out in the wild. Given the early 33% failure rates for the first couple of years and even conservatively estimating a 5% failure rate after that, even if 3/4 of those failed 360's went through Microsoft we're still talking about Microsoft's total number of 360's being out by millions.

And we see evidence of this fact every time a company like EA or Ubisoft reports revenue. If Microsoft really had almost 20% more of an installed base over the PS3, why is PS3 revenue often the same if not better than the 360? Obviously there's a disconnect between software revenue and install base. If Microsoft really had 15%-20% more consoles on the market, shouldn't this be reflected in the console revenue for company's like EA?

djfullshred3661d ago

The high failure rate of 360's is in turn helping Sony sell PS3's. I was in an electronics mega store the other day, and couldn't help notice a salesperson mentioning the 360 failure rate to an undecided couple. They ended up buying a PS3.

Unicron3662d ago

Do I win a prize or something when/if the PS3 passes the 360 in WW sales? Are both consoles not a success? Are both not going to be around until the end of this generation?

I love how the media and fanboys stir up this wonderful "finish line" for their MIGHTY war... race... thing.

spektical3662d ago

all consoles are doing well... sony is almost going to start making profits on the ps3. Games are pouring out, so i dont see a problem. except fanboys like to be fanboys

TheDudeAbides3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

fanboys are like footabll fans, do you want the other team to have bigger profits and budget to rule next season?

mastiffchild3662d ago

They're nothing like football fans. Fanboys don't support their local console, support the same manufacturer their family has for generations or follow their console all over the continent offering their support vocally and in perrson, do they?

I see the analogy but it just irks me a little when we compare a bit of E-peen waving to a totally different level of commitment. I feel ill for a week every time my team loses but because "winning" is so subjective in the fanboy world it doesn't compare on this score either-how can it when the confrontations between rival factions are played out in online anonymity.

And, seriously, being so in thrall to a faceless corporation like MS or Sony who never share their success with us is so pointless it's amazing to me. I understand preference(I prefer the PS3 if push came to shove but like all three pretty equally in the main)and could see why someone might prefer the gung ho way of MS, the history of Ninty or the forward thiking risk taking of Sony. I can get, like myself, if you prefer the exclusive line up or controller for one platform.

What UI cannot get is why anyone would pursue their fanboyism to the point it's got to now where it's hurting gamers and helping the industry rip us off. In fact the closest analogy between football fans and fanboys is the way both football and gaming rips off the people who support them pretty nastily. Sadly, football fans loyAalty is their achilles heel while gamers should just be gamers as dividing ourselvves has made it easy for the industry to play us whenever they like knowingthe fanboys will spin or fight over each subject to the detriment of the whole gaming communiy getting a fair deal or standing up for each other.

Fanboys shouldn't feel how they do and don't commit in the same league of emotion to what football fans do.

spektical3662d ago

yes gamers should be gamers, and appreciate the games handed down. The absurd amount of fanboys actually helps the companies out more, because they will downplay the opponents. Everyone is subject to a preferred console, but lets not let that get in the way of letting the developers, companies get the best of us , the consumers.

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GiantEnemyCrab3662d ago

Umm.. ALL consoles are steadily increasing their market share...

shadow27973662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Market share is a percentage. What you've stated is a mathematical impossibility.

cayal3662d ago

Market Share is just a % of Total.

All shares HAVE to equal 100%. Therefore all cannot increase.

mrv3213662d ago

If market share is equal to people with console it is feasable to see all console increase market share. But if market share is and I believe this is the correct definition is the amount of people with x platform it is impossiple for ALL the platforms to see a rise in market share UNLESS people buy more than one console.

randomwiz3662d ago

like all others have said before me, market share is the number of consoles you have/total consoles sold.
If there were 25m wii's, 15m 360's, and 10m ps3's, Nintendo would have a 50% market share, Microsoft - 30%, Sony - 20%
now lets say one year later, there are 40m wii's, 30m 360's, and 30m ps3's, market share would be: Nintendo - 40%, Microsoft - 30%, Sony - 30%.

onanie3661d ago

There is a reason for the word share in "marketshare". It is a share of the collective pie, and cannot be greater than 100%. As such, what crab suggested is indeed mathematically impossible. Indeed, if anything, the 360 has lost a great deal of marketshare among next generation hardware since it started at 100% when it first released.

Consoldtobots3661d ago

it's not hard to pwn people who think this whole console war about which one is technically the better machine (PS3 of course) all comes down to people's preference. There's no reasoning with logic like that.

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