Visceral Games: What have you done to Dead Space?

Dead Space was one of those games that stayed right on the edge of most gamers radar. They heard about it, but never really put much thought into another Survival Horror game. Those gamers that did play it was treated to some of the best (if not the BEST) horror gaming in the past decade.

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thabigboss3665d ago

Im actually quite dissapointed that theyre going the action route instead of horror.The tense horror elements is what made Dead Space so great i loved not knowing what would be around the corner.

TheDudeAbides3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

DS was a great game, but far from horror, of course there ware monsters jumping in fron of you here and there, but there was NOTHING scary after chapter 3, when you got used to it, monsters were more like annoying than scary.
Still a very good game.

NateNater3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Really Visceral Games? You're going to focus less on the fear element of the game because some "pansies" told you it was too scary?


tastydonuts3664d ago

Dumb. That game cribbed every trick in the book perfectly and the results were TERRIFYING.

Love it or hate it, the gameplay is what makes it a masterpiece of its kind.

Lightel0s3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Dead space 2 will be a epic fail, they are changing the horror x action because they have nothing new and great to offer to the genre. in that way they can complement the lack of "new scary scenes" or "i played this before" feeling.

too bad , no ishimura, no horror, and lots of dlc to takes our money.

sorry visceral games i love the first game more than re 5, but its better u give us a word about the dead space 2 changes or ur game will fail!

Farmhand3665d ago

What the hell are you guys thinking over at Visceral?

corneliuscrust3664d ago

So now we're going to get Dead Space: Resident Evil 5 edition?!?

What is with these great survival horror series taking the craptastic action route?

There's a reason dead space was so good. There's a reason Resident Evil 5 wasn't much of a resident evil game at all.

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