Bungie "Saddened" By Xbox Live Disconnection News, Fans React Somberly

G4TV writes: April 14 will mark the end of an era for Bungie. Halo 2, the game that launched the studio into triple-A status and made headlines worldwide, will no longer be playable online.

Bungie reacted as you might expected: they were bummed out but thankful for the fans.

Fans were much more vocal about their disappointment, however, taking to the official Halo 2 forums on Bungie's website to swap memories about their time spent battling each other online.

"Damn, I wanna cry, Halo 2 is the reason I'm aiming to design game sin the future," said Sonic343.

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Bnet3433665d ago

Well damn. I wasn't aware THAT many people were still playing it. It's time to move on I guess. I'm all for this taking out the original Xbox Live as long as improvements can be made to the existing one such as expanding the Friend's List to more than 100 friends. I know not everyone agrees, but I don't play original Xbox games online anymore so this doesn't bother me. You can always get Halo 2 on PC if you really want to play again.

3665d ago
TheDudeAbides3665d ago

They started playting it as kidz, now they're grownupz still playing it, it's not healthy.

El_Colombiano3665d ago

No, it is *not* time to move on. Just the fact that Microsoft makes you pay to play online should keep you in a state of mind that you will forever be able to play your favorite games online.

This means that at any moment in the future, your entire Xbox 360 catalogue of games can become completely useless online. It's simply wrong of Microsoft to do this to their paying and loyal gamers. I pray that Sony never do this with the PSN.

-Alpha3665d ago

I *think* that PS2 online is still going if I'm not mistaken.

I don't understand why MS is doing it, Halo 2 is played a lot and it isn't right to do that.

Halo is an excellent game online and the fact that people still play #2 on Xbox 1 shows how many dedicated fans there are.

darthv723665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I don't know why but I just have this feeling that MS may do something special for Halo 2 players. Maybe even give it the GoW collection treatment or something. I know they offered up the games on their games on demand service but they were the same as the original disc version.

If MS really wanted to they would do up a Halo collection with CE and Halo 2 updated with the halo 3 type gfx and achievements and even online support (ala GoW collection).

MS knows how much a cash cow halo is and it just seems stupid to kill off the online support for the game that made them but it only leads to the possibility of making the service better and rereleasing halo 2 on the 360 with full on live (360) support.

Just a thought.

Blaze9293665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Well with the PS2's online system - it wasn't tied into what is now the Playstation Network. PS2 online depended on the developers/publishers who decided to allow their game to go online.

With Xbox LIVE, it's all tied in. Xbox LIVE is the same Xbox LIVE when it launched server wise. So the reason I guess Microsoft finally has no choice but to discontinue it is to allow them to keep Xbox LIVE progressing better then they ever were able to before. One new feature everyone knows will come because of this is the option to finally have more than 100 friends.

Who knows what other features etc MS probably had planned but couldn't do becuase of the Xbox 1's LIVE architecture. Although it's sad that they are shutting it down and I won't be able to play Halo 2 for nostalgic times - it's time to move on. Is this means better and more features for LIVE then bring it.

Let's be honest, Halo 2 is the only game that really matters and the reason for all the outcry for this. Maybe what MS could do is re-release Halo 2 as an Xbox 360 game for those who still wish to play it online. If the Halo 2 factor wasn't in this no one would care. But Halo 2 is still hella fun and people are sad they can't play it online anymore.

I just hope for the next xbox they don't decide to do this again and they made the current LIVE system "future proof" so to speak becuase if they discontinue 360 games online for the next xbox they can bet I won't be buying the system.

-Alpha3665d ago

Ah ok. Yeah, the PS2 online was a mess, it was such a pain trying to sign up and everything.

It would be nice for Halo 2 to come to the 360 or something like that. I wouldn't put it past MS.

Now if I could only run Halo 2 on my PC...


Boy i cant believe this is going to happen. Halo 2 was the first game i played on live! It was so much much! Met a whole bunch of cool friends.

First map i played was on Lockout with swords. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Those nostalgic moments will never go away, even when Halo 2 is gone.

RockmanII73664d ago

The answer to this is to put Halo 2 on Games for Demand and make it compatible with the new xbox live and carry your stats over from the old one to this one. The Hardcore Halo fans will buy this and a few people could make the jump to 360 because they will need one now to play this and every other xbox 1 game online.

Shepherd 2143664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

halo is not for kids. I bet you couldnt even last 2 minutes in a match with me or any other skilled Halo player, and i bet your shallow mind couldnt comprehend nor appreciate Halo's story or any other intricate story out there. Your an idiot, your statement about Halo being only a kids game is ignorant, and people like you shouldnt be allowed to express their opinion freely without risk of imprisonment and/or a $5,000 fine.

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Nelson M3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Haaaa Hah

Xbox has no Games !!!!!

blitz06233665d ago

So how exactly does Bungie being sad and Xbox having no games relate with each other?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3665d ago

Nelson M is desperate :) How is MAG and White Knight and the other 4 flops?

3665d ago
Trebius3665d ago

The sad part is you can still play DREAMCAST games online!! M$ has no business ethic, and no consumer loyalty. They do whatever the fk they want as long as they get $$$.

Just like when they nickel and dimed you with the MS points. (cheated you)

And with the Online pay, and Hard drives, and wi-fi, and peripherals!! lol How do people put up with that sh!t? :)

Their online doesnt even have a BROWSER for God's sake!!!! AND THEY OWN INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!!

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Halo_Reach3665d ago

They are killing the best online game ever - Halo 2 ... Sad move ... Sad Move ...

They have to much money and they only want more ... Now they will add Halo 2 to Xbox 360 Live and people will need to pay it again to can play ... F********* m***** *f******f*****

The Iron Sheik3665d ago

They are trying to rip you off. That is what they do. Are you just figuring this out now?

Zuhk3665d ago

They will ruin it for everyone for the sake of a few pennies. Believe it or not but if they manage to run Sony out of the running then they will have a monopoly on the industry and you really dont want to know what they will do then. I would love to see other companies involved in the gaming industry but never microsoft

mrv3213665d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if more people play Halo 2 that ALL the game EA recently just shut down combined. But where's the complaining? Personally I'm ok with this, wish that their was an alternative but hey life will go on.

Halo_Reach3665d ago

Now they are going to put Halo 2 compatible with Xbox 360 LIVE and everyone will need to pay to play it again !!

Microsoft is trash they are full of money , they have 19 Bilions profit and still they only want more ... WTF is this ??? Trash company trash!

UltimateSin3665d ago

"On April 15 we will discontinue the Xbox LIVE service for original Xbox consoles and games, including Xbox v1 games playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox Originals"

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