January NPD Hardware Sales Preview/Comparison

It's NPD week and we'll soon see how 2010 began for gaming. After finishing off the year with huge hardware and software sales, gaming seemed to be doing pretty well. With some major titles being released in January and in the early months of the game, it feels like the holiday season never stopped.

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Pennywise3668d ago

NPD hasn't released yet. How do they have the hardware numbers?

How can I take this dude seriously when he says software sales should be high and states Boynetta released. I doubt Bayonetta broke 500k... But then again what do I know...

MattyF3668d ago

I guess you missed the part where it says those hardware numbers are from Wedbush Morgan predictions for the month.

Pennywise3668d ago

Yeah I saw that... I guess I did miss the part where they said the numbers fell out of Michael Patcher's rear end.

cayal3668d ago

oh brother, if those predictions are true get ready for more 'PS3 is doomed', never mind the PS3 makes up the difference in a week of Hardware sales in Japan.

mikeslemonade3668d ago

Mass Effect 2 did not provide a significant advantage for the 360. It also doesn't matter if it was realeased at the end of the month because most system sellers happen on the first few days, so it's safe to say Mass Effect 2 won't have much impact for 360 for Febuary.

PS3 wins worldwide once again and the gap is closing. I'm happy!

Seferoth753668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

You do not win in second place. Sorry but its a fact. Only fanboys want to argue that point.
Poor kid.... Lame excuses.. Consoles include the Wii,PS3 and 360. PC is not a console.DS and PSP are portable video game systems. They are in their own market.

IN the Console Market,(Thats Wii,360 and lastly in sales PS3 for those who might be lost already) the Wii has a big advantage over any of the other consoles in sales for Hardware and Software.

The whole it's not the same argument is just stupid. When you go to the electronics dept at Walmart and go to the games section, they have the Wii, 360 and PS3 all beside each other. When you go to GAMESTOP, they offer the Wii, PS3 and 360 for sale right beside each other.

Consoles have never been considered consoles based on their power. No matter how many times you or others like you want to cry about it, it will change nothing. In the end if the Wii still has the most sales it will get credit for it in the ways that matter and not be ignored because a site infested with fanboys wants to change how gaming has worked for 30 years.I know deep down you feel you backed the wrong console thats why you need to find some lame way to prove its the best in one way or another. Even if you have to pretend other consoles do not exist to do it. Just enjoy the games you get to play.

mikeslemonade3668d ago

Who is in first place? The PC? the Wii? the DS? the PSP? the iphone? Please specify. The PS3 and 360 are most alike and they sell to the same demographic. The other systems are completely different.

Elven63668d ago

Bayonetta has already sold over 1 million units worldwide according to SEGA, also keep in mind that these numbers from what is written aren't from Michael Patcher, he isn't the only one working at Webush Morgan after all.

starchild3668d ago

Although I do feel that the Wii largely appeals to a different demographic, there is still overlap between all the consoles. In the end the Wii is a current gen console and it IS in first place.

mikeslemonade3668d ago

The Wii wins 1st place out of 1 console race. Of course you win if you are playing a basketball game against no one. Wow go shoot hoops outside by yourself

The thing is if Nintendo tries to do this again next generation they will not succeed because Sony and Microsoft will copy Nintendo, and the casual gamers will end up buying the Sony and MIcrosoft consoles more so Nintendo.

paradigmfellow3668d ago

360 might have outsold ps3 in the U.S. might be due to the fact that there is PS3 shortages. I work for gamestop and we are taking reservations for PS3s, Wii, and Wii Fit plus and they are guranteed to have them by feb 26.

DSI3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Everytime you commented in this thread you sound more and more like and idiot. Luckly you ran out of bubbles, who knows how much more ignorant your comments would have gotten.

You're just using another stupid defense mechanism that weaker minds need to stay afloat. The funny thing is if the PS3 was ahead of the Wii right now, you would have "NO" problem including the wii in the fray.

SL1M DADDY3668d ago

It's not a good thing for MS to see their console only beat out the PS3 by a mere 10,000 on their home turf. Especially when Sony is kicking the 360's tail all over the globe outside of North America and Canada. It would appear that if Sony keeps this up, the 360 will have to see another price drop to keep up month to month as it seems it is losing ground at an alarming pace.

Don't consider this to be a fanboy comment either. This is just a look at what the numbers show, especially when in Japan the PS3 outsells the 360 10 to 1.

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Killzonegamer843668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I totally agree. I dont even consider Wii a gaming console, its right up there with those learning toys you see advertised on TV that help kids spell and do simple math, its a toy.. nothing more nothing less. This race is between PS3 and 360, right now 360 is in 1st place and PS3 is in 2nd place..

Soon that will change with PS3 being in 1st place and 360 going the way of the dinosaur

red2tango3668d ago

When I talk about console war, I'm talking about next-gen (PS3 vs. 360). And with those predictions, it's looking good for Sony. Microsoft had an amazing exclusive launch and only beat Sony by 10 000 consoles. Media Crate will have 30 000 in the next sales chart and there we have it. Then Europe will likely be close with the PS3 selling a bit higher. Even if Sony lost NPD, they still come out on top. Plus PS2 and PSP sales add more profit.

mikeslemonade3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Exactly, some people just don't get it. 360 and PS3 are like cars, the PC is like a bus, the wii is like a dirtbike, and the DS and PSP are like mopeds. Now they're all motor vehicles just like PC, PS3, 360, PSP, DS are all game systems, but not all are sedans or consoles. The thing is if the dirtbike sells zero it has no effect on the car sales. However if one car sells way more than the other car company then it has to adjust its strategies.

5th Devil of the Ful3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

When the only 'console' that should be excluded is the PS3.
It's more so for the movie crowd than the gaming crowd, they kinda prove this with their shamelessly long cut scene games (example: MGS4 and Movie Rain).

The 360 and the Wii are more so about gameplay (A.K.A. what real gamers want).
And while the Wii's user base may be different, they still buy GAMES nontheless. Same with the 360. As for the PS3 user base, they aren't buying games like actual gamers, hardly any of the PS3's games sold over 10 million. Proving a lot of it's games aren't being bought enough, but I can't say the same for the 360 and Wii's games.

So while the Wii has a 'different' user base, they are gamers nontheless who buy games with gameplay. Same goes for the 360.

This is Izenagi Bushido 5th devil of the full moon, out.

cayal3668d ago

"As for the PS3 user base, they aren't buying games like actual gamers, hardly any of the PS3's games sold over 10 million."

Considering the way you signed out, I am pretty certain the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. The only game between 360 and PS3 to reach over 10 million is Halo 3.

mikeslemonade3668d ago

Nope because I use 360 primarily for netflix because they have a better netflix app compared to PS3. 360 plays movies with zune, xbox live market place, free videos, music videos, dvds, and more. It can view just about anything like PS3 but PS3 does a bit more.

Wii is different.
1. Controls are different
2. Resolution is different
3. Games are different
4. Games can't be ported from next gen games from PS3 and 360
5. Primarily kid and casual games
6. Just way more controls for the Wii
7. The tech specs is a glorified gamecube
8. The online is by far the worst
9. And most importantly the Wii makes up about only 5% of the news on N4G.

If you ask me the Wii and PSP have more similarities as oppose to 360 and PS3.

Fierce Musashi3668d ago


Yet despite all of those the Wii is still a home console and very relevant in this little bogus cansole war. I disagree, the Wii is very much current gen. As long as it can do the simple thing last gen can't or have what last gen doesn't ( and then some ) it can perfect be called next gen, or in this case current gen.

Your reply to Moon about how you use the 360 I can easy use for the PS3, which I do own. In fact, I made this very reply using the PS3's web browser. The Wii is currently my primary gaming console which I play quite frequently, my PS3 if for usage that which a PC could provide, but my PC isn't working at the time. So what's your point? I can perfectly use the Wii as a main gaming console without any problems as well as anyone else. Seems relevant to me, as it is in first place. It's like what Sef said earlier, to ignore this comes from fanboyism ( mostly ).

5th Devil of the Ful3668d ago

cayal: While you may be right, my point still stands. 360 & Wii gamers buy more games than the PS3 gamer does, thus proving they are more so gamers than the PS3 crowd is.

mikeslemonade: Nice try, but I don't how you use the Xbox 360. Fact is fact kiddo. Your don't speak for the majority of PS3 gamers who are not buying games and use the PS3 for it's nongaming features (example: it's Blu-Ray player, internet browser, etc.).

lol at your silly list, trying to prove how the Wii isn't relevant. But as long as it stronger than the last generation consoles, it's next gen. Just because it's graphics isn't next gen, doesn't mean the console isn't.

Except the Wii is a home console and isn't dead last in sales. You think the Wii is irrelevant? That would make you a hypocrite for actually supporting a gaming console that should be a movie player. Sorry pal, but the Wii and 360 have a little something called gameplay. Which is why 360 and Wii games sell well and PS3 games flop or fall short left and right.

DaTruth3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

"While you may be right, my point still stands. 360 & Wii gamers buy more games than the PS3 gamer does"

360 and PS3 gamers buy the same amount of games, PS3 gamers just don't have to buy them twice, three or four times due to disk scratching!

The reason we don't include the Wii is because Wii fanboys don't show up in PS3 and 360 threads and bash those consoles as PS3 and 360 fanboys don't show up in Wii threads and bash the Wii. This is a war that only exists because XBOX/Dreamcast owners were mad that their consoles got discontinued and started bashing the PS3 everywhere. The PS3 fanboys responded in kind and PS3 owners bashed the the 360 whenever those fanboys showed up in PS3 threads!

That is why the Wii is not included!

Ravage273667d ago

the PS3 does NOT need a 10 million selling game to prove itself,it is doing well whether you like it or not. Funny how you ignore all those PS3 games that sold above 2 million copies

5th Devil of the Ful3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

'360 and PS3 gamers buy the same amount of games, PS3 gamers just don't have to buy them twice, three or four times due to disk scratching!'

No, not really. Because I can give a list of games that sold at least 7 million or over on the 360, I can't with the PS3. So no, they don't buy games the same. And what makes you think that disc scratching problems effects over all sales out come?

So because Wii fanboys don't bash other consoles as much as the PS3 and 360 fanboys do, the Wii should be excluded? They are probably doing something like (I don't know) playing games. And FYI, PS3 and 360 gamers do troll the Wii section from time to time.

Ravage27: Wait I'm a retard over a video game console? Wow, the fanboys these days.
Yes you are right, paste eating ginger. It doesn't need to sell that much. If you had taken your fanboyism out of your a$$ for one minute (I know, impossible isn't it?), you would see that I was merely pointing out that more people game 360 and Wii. But I guess all you read was 'no one is buying PS3 games', right? I kinda like being the 'retarded anime boy', maybe it's going to stick on me I don't know.

DaTruth: Thanks for making a reply while keeping your cool at the same time, unlike the a$$ hurt idiot above my post.

DaTruth3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I was gonna post back with something, but I was so dumbfounded and confused by your descent reply that I forgot what I was gonna say.

Is this still N4G??? Bubbles!!!

Agreeing to disagree, FTW!!!

Edit: Ah, now I remember! I think in order to have a war, there has to be fighting. If Wii owners are not in any kind of fight with the other two consoles and people act like we see everyday in 360/PS3 threads, then one is a console war and the other is just existing! Lets be honest; The only reason to compare sales is for this stupid war!

And even if 360 has 7 million seller games, that could just be a lack of good games that forces everyone to buy the same few good games. Whereas, Sony has ten good exclusives a year where people have to pick and choose and the sales are spread out amongst many games.
Example: 30,000,000/2 = 15,000,000; 30,000,000/10 = 3,000,000.

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OSIRUSSS3668d ago

Good numbers all around. The Game industry is alive and well. The competetion is fierce which means gamers win.

ps360owner093668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

And when you talk about demographics all the companies are starting to intertwine with each other. Both microsoft and sony are starting to focus on motion controls and the casual crowd while nintendo is forging partnerships and getting more mature games like monster hunter tri, the next dragonquest, xenoblade, the last story, team ninja/nintendo metroid other m, more mature zelda etc.

Theoneneo813668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Wow pretty bad month for the flopbox. even with Mass Effect 2 i would think 360 would have sold more than 350k units. im surpised it barley beat the ps3

paradigmfellow3668d ago

these numbers are prediction not actual numbers

JasonPC360PS3Wii3668d ago

Damn Theoneneo81 search the net find those lost brain cells.

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