Gaming Target: MAG Review

As it stands MAG is a technical feat because it boasts 256 console players in an online-only environment, but doesn't offer anything else that's truly exceptional for the FPS genre beyond that.

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schommerc3661d ago

would have made this 3rd person. That would have been a great way to set it apart, but maybe not.

raztad3661d ago

Dont pay attention to this review. It makes sound like MAG is a huge 128 vs 128 team deathmatch. Thats just not true.

256 players on field requiere huge coordination, huge maps, primary, secondary objectives and then hold off/capture the final ones. The attacking team needs to incapacitate AntiAerial defense, jam defending team network, destroy morters and selectively strike points with high density of enemies. The defending team should keep the AA defense up, their network working while at the same time hold enemies off the burnoff/cooling towers.

MAG does a lot to differentiate and there is nothing like MAG out there. Zipper explained the third person view wouldnt work for this game.

ian723661d ago

I agree with you. MAG is great and FP view is perfect for this game.

Socomer 19793661d ago

I got it on day 1.
A very Raw, very good videogame.
After spending quite some time with the game. all i could ask for is more maps and weapons.

Very happy to have this title available to me & until MAG 2... Mag will stay in my collection.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3661d ago

very fun game...have to use teamwork in order to win. You cant play it like every other fps or you are gonna lose and your experience is going to suck with it. COD has dumbed it down so much you just run around knifing people, its great to watch people try to do it on mag and get mowed down.

A few things that would make this much better.
1. Clan/Group you are in have a different color name rather than just blue/red in order to work together a little bit easier. Like resistance/killzone to easily id teammates on the huge battlefield.
2. The ability to remove teammates names, or just keep the triangle above their head until your crosshairs are on them. (I Cant see enemies at times with all the names everywhere and get killed a lot because of the always up names) Just want an option to remove them.
3. SUPRESSION MAPS...would like for them to open up all the suppression maps to play around on. Rather than play the exact same map over and over in a suppression map, allow Raven to hit the VALOR/SVER map on a rotation. Make the mode a little more enjoyable.