Backbreaker - New Developer Diary

XXLGaming writes, "We just received a new video for the upcoming football title, Backbreaker from 505 Games. Its a developer diary explaining what it is they wanted to accomplish with this game."

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rwallace3672d ago

How is it old? It was just released today.

Numark3672d ago

No it wasn't. Just because that website got it today, doesn't mean it came out today. It came out 3 or 4 days ago, http://forum.backbreakergam...

rwallace3672d ago

Gotta love exlusitivity with the corporate sites.

Numark3670d ago

Yup, and I put the smiley face because I was just messing around. It was good for someone to post he video.

rwallace3670d ago

No problem man. It just caught me by surprise when you said that. I should have figured IGN or Gamespot had the video already. Sometimes, the small guy just doesn't have a chance. LOL

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