White Knight Chronicles - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: The PlayStation 3 hasn't exactly been the breeding ground for classic JRPG titles like its predecessor. Most titles have been hand-me-downs from Microsoft's console or games that just don't break the mold other than a few exceptions such as Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles. White Knight Chronicles is about as promising as a first-party RPG can be with developer Level 5 (Dragon Quest, Dark Cloud series) at the helm and the recent trend of fantastic first-party exclusive for Sony's console. While it does introduce a fantastic community where gamers can discuss tactics and plan quests, it still lacks a certain panache that would place among the elite in the genre. Still if you are a PS3-only owner in need of some classic JRPG action, this is one of the better exclusives for the console.

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Blaster_Master3663d ago

- Combat is far too easy
- Most attacks are useless
- Story can be dull
- Online hindrances

Okay, so combat is too easy but most attacks are useless? You know what I think Zero? I think you should let someone who actually likes rpg's review them instead. I know its just your opinion, but really, its opinions like these that dont give games like WKC the credit it deserves. I get it, saving the princess seems boring to you. Sorry there aren't any invincible space marines and aliens for you to kill in outer space. Just so you know, this game has as much emotion as FFX, and for you to say that you think the story is boring just proves to me that your opinion is crap. Good day to you sir.

Homicide3663d ago

It's true that the game is easy and most attacks are useless. You can beat the entire game by using slash or lunging slash.

Bungie3663d ago

they should let a RPG fan review RPG games
it's clear that this guy is not a fan

Montrealien3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

the gaming critic world and the people that argue with them, in a nutshell....

Person a- I like blue.

Person b- Well, I like red.


sakura20093663d ago

bungie and maste blaster is right. he hates rpg.

Cross Edge 6.0
Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm 7.0
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World 6.0

Homicide3663d ago

^Those games were awful though.

sakura20093663d ago

yes. but he hates rpg thats what we are talking about are we not

TheTwelve3663d ago

Cross Edge didn't even deserve a 6 IMO, and that's the only game there that is truly horrible because it was clearly about making money using famous names above making a storyline.


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ifhd3663d ago

finally what took you so long ZT?

Blaster_Master3663d ago

@ Homicide. You could only do that if you were the white knight the whole game, but thats physically impossible. But whatever, Ive totally given up on at least one gaming site with enough cred to give this game the score it deserves, but it seems to me that people really only like the play the same games over and over. Pretty much what im saying is that most people only play games that have guns, and have no variety whatsoever. Oh well, their loss my gain.

Homicide3663d ago

No, I'm never used the White Knight other than the time you were forced to use him. This game is much easier than FFXII which is sad because I can beat half of FFXII without touching a button.

BeaArthur3663d ago

Blaster_Master..."But whatever, Ive totally given up on at least one gaming site with enough cred to give this game the score it deserves". Oh and what score does it deserve? I see just about every site giving this game an average score. So what you are saying is that every site out there is wrong and you are the only one with an objective and educated opinion? If you like the game, you like the game, but don't sit there and act like you are the only credible opinion out there.

TheTwelve3663d ago

It is in the JRPG that we clearly see the clash of what English-speaking and Japanese-speaking people value in games. Simple as that. Only Japanese gamers and English-speaking gamers who grew up with JRPGs (like me) are going to value this game and call it for what it is.

This game isn't Mass Effect 2, will never be Mass Effect 2, shouldn't be compared to Mass Effect 2, and doesn't want to be Mass Effect 2.

And I and many other JRPG fans would like to keep it that way.


N4Garbage3663d ago

JRPGs aren't meant for reviews.

If your a fan of the genre...then buy or rent the game.

NO review can measure a persons passion for JRPGs.

S04 scored average across the board but did it stop the endless enjoyment I had collecting all Battle Trophies and beating Empress?

244+hours into Star would think it was an AAA game right?

Infinite Undiscovery is a goddamn good game that receives hate because of its exclusivity.

If your a JRPG gamer you know reviews matter none because it is the player and his/her methods that make a JRPG great not a damn score.

BeaArthur3663d ago

Well that's just the thing, there are plenty of people (myself included) who consider themselves to be JRPG fans but not hardcore JRPG fans. It has been a long time since I have played a JRPG that I would call great. I was interested in WKC but since I am not a hardcore fan I am not willing to just play any JRPG because it is a JRPG. Therefore I look to reviews to give me a better idea of whether the game is worth playing or not. You say "NO review can measure a persons passion for JRPGs" but you are not supposed to review it passionately, the review is supposed to be objective and logical.

TheTwelve3663d ago

No...a review is not supposed to be objective. First of all, no review is objective...that's impossible. We are not robots and come into any judgement with baggage.

Second of all, true RPG fans don't need to hear the opinion of a game from someone who pretends to be "objective".

See, people are taking "games" too seriously these days. Games are about fun. WKC is FUN. It's not a news report or critical biography that we have to judge, to define it's integrity.

This game will indeed sell for any fans of JRPGs and those fans who have let others tell them this game is good for bad, sorry for you. Be careful letting other people snatch away your joy.


BeaArthur3663d ago is supposed to be an objective evaluation of the contents of the game. I am not going to sit here and say that personal feelings don't get included in the review but they should be limited. I actually enjoyed playing Two Worlds and that game is horribly designed. Now if I was to review it based on how much I liked it or how much fun it was I would have given it an 8+. But no, when I reviewed it I removed my personal feelings and gave it a legitimate review, as it should have been. I'm not saying there is no place for personal feelings about the game but to base the review totally or even mostly off of personal feelings is irresponsible. It is detrimental to the reader and the reviewer/reviewers site. Readers look to reviewers to help them determine which games to purchase. To not have some type of criteria (other than it was fun) would ruin the website or publications credibility.

TheTwelve3663d ago

Sure, reviews are meant to help people buy a game but a true reviewer would take the time to know the audience. People who are curious about JRPGs are fans of the genre and therefore should be spoken to. A true disservice is grading WKC on a generic scale that doesn't take these things into account.

It's very easy to add up the good points of something, subtract what you don't like, and come up with a score----all the while completely forgetting the spirit of a game.


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ikral3663d ago

7 is not a bad score, and game loks nice. For RPG fans is a must play.

TapiocaMilkTea3663d ago

Yeah, I was gonna say, zerotolerance is actually quite tolerable to WKC compared to other game sites.

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