VBG: Valkyria Chronicles and the Whimsy of War

Sinan Kubba looks back at the underappreciated PS3 strategy title and the way that it handled its World War II inspiration

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tehk1w13665d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the most under appreciated games ever made.

shoinan3665d ago

Hoping 2 on the PSP will live up to its goodness.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

This game it's too much for the western media. Reviewers are always asking for innovation and when you give it to them they prefer to save the 9's and 10' to already overrated franchises that have been stagnant since years ago. <--- And I'm not using examples because these days you can't express an opinion without being called a "fanboy" by some douchebag.

mastiffchild3665d ago

You couldn't be more rght Bodyboarder_v gamer. I'm aqlways surprsed by just how below the radar such a gifted, innovative and charming game was at the time and when they woke up to the goodness the moment for it to triumph had well and truly passed.It was a great gane, imo, and something PS3 was badly in need of at the time and with a bigger push(or a decent deom, seriously Sega your demos are always misleading)from Sony and Sega it would really have had a chance of taking off as a franhchise and we might not be having to go portable for the sequel.

t's rare that a game which crosses so many boundaries in terms of genre,gamplay and artstyle comes together as well as VC managed the trick. It's still one of the most individual and intereesting games this gen on any platform and I've only enjoyed MGS4 more than I did VC out of anything I've played on current gen consoles or even on PC of late. With some luck the PSP game will do well and the series can jump back into the home console world later on-there's scope for all kinds of multiplayern and online co-op, imo, if they think about it and I also reckon a belated trophy pack would spark a few newer PS3 owners(and those old trophy whores)into l;pickiong the game up even now.

I'd even welcome a 360 port as it's one of those games that more people should be able to play and certainly in pole position for the current gen "Okami" award(ironically alongside Okami Wii!)for most criminally ignored Japanese game of great class and ingenuity. If I wasn't a little snowed under gamewise right now I' love t have another play through to see what I missed last time. Fabulous game and a real change from the norm-we need more lioke it in lots and lots of ways. Can't speak too highly of the game, tbh.

Haly3665d ago

Great analysis. I really must watch Persepolis soon, keep meaning to!

Bodyboarder_VGamer3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

After reading the article I just can't agree with many of his points. I just don't want games to touch themes like War and its many consequences in a realistic way. That would be way too sad. In movies it's fine but in a 10-20 hours game? You're not just watching you know, that would be like playing many scenes like the Russian airport in COD:MW2...

I'm not saying that it shouldn't be done but that I wouldn't like it. Games can be art in other different ways than that. Just look at Shadow of the Colossus or Ico. We don't need games to be that realistic to be considered mature. I have enough of reality by simply living it myself. I want games to help me forget about it for at least a short time so I can relax and all that... Not put me more tense.

Aren't video games called "games" for something? They can be close to movies but they will never be movies nor totally realistic.

cain1413665d ago

To be fair death in the game actually matters vs most games...

gidzilla3665d ago

I'm guessing you didn't like The Saboteur then? :-)

SlamVanderhuge3665d ago

Well, to be fair, Saboteur lacked a lot in the whimsy department

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