Daily Grind: Would You Play Single-Player Version?

It's a natural step to go from a single-player setting that's already gotten your emotional investment to a larger one (as proven by, oh, some game or another), but oddly the reverse happens far less often.

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Letros3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

It is often both exciting and disappointing when your favorite game is turned into an MMO.

Warcraft is obviously a huge hit, but its hard to argue would not already have WC4(or at least on the horizon) had WoW not been born(not to mention SC2 and D3 already been released)

Another game people are upset about is KOTOR, being turned into an MMO. This is a bit different though, Bioware is taking a story driven MMO approach, and while it may not be as cinematic as a KOTOR3 could have been, I'm betting it will be more deep, much bigger and something that will drain more hours.

As with all MMO's there is a lack of closure involved, they just want you to play forever. Eventually you just get sick of it and stop playing because you realize the company is just milking you(Blizzard).

To answer the question, If the MMO is done right and worth $15/month, they no I wouldn't rather play the single player version. It's nice to see some games series, Warhammer 40K being done as an mmo under a different developer, as not to stagnate the series.