NTSC-uk: Borderlands Review

Ahead of you stretches a plain of wasteland. It is pock-marked by craggy outcrops, mechanical wreckage and bandit huts. Feral, alien dogs called skags prowl the blasted landscape and lonely settlements represent the last ragged collection of humans on this ball of rock. This is all very worryingly familiar in a console generation defined by its ability to brilliantly render destroyed civilisations and wastelands in all their dystopian glory. Anyone that owns a current console will have battled and quested through various landscapes of destruction in differing guises and yet another game re-treading the geography of a brown and grey world of violence is dangerously close to being generic, clichéd and boring. Except in Borderlands there is a robot that dances and tells jokes, you are tasked with killing a bandit that has three balls and a class of enemy is called Midget Psycho. Oh, it also looks like someone took a normal post-apocalyptic wasteland and threw several cans of bright paint at it.

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