VGC: White Knight Chronicles Review

VGChartz writes: "White Knight Chronicles seems like a really cool idea. Combining MMORPG style gameplay with a JRPG could help to keep people engaged in a game that would otherwise be a one-shot deal. Sadly, this focus seems to have a detrimental effect on the game in general and has made the gameplay go at a snail's pace. The single player is too short, and the item management is annoying. It isn't without its good sides, since the online questing aspects and the ability to visit other people's hometowns can be a lot of fun, and I love having large areas that I'm free to explore in the singleplayer campaign, but overall this is a decidedly below average JRPG."

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Blaster_Master3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

"Graphically White Knight Chronicles is pretty average from a technical standpoint"

read the whole review twice, and the only conclusion that i can come up with is that either this guy doesn't like rpgs, or he's a total fanboy. Judging from the quote I just posted up with this comment, Id say he's a freakin fanboy. Everything in the review is complete bullcrap. He's lying. The game looks gorgeous, even up close. I take pictures in the game of everything. So much detail. Then he says the single player is only 23n hours long and its too short. LOL! All I gotta say is wow. This review is exactly whats wrong with the gaming media.

Myst3667d ago

I will never get how 20~30 hours for an JRPG is short. In a way that's slightly average to above average from what I've gathered from playing previous ones. The graphics are indeed a bit nice, though I think the sentence you have quoted may be from the author trying to compare it to another game(s) though they chose not to mention.

The best scenes are in the high-detail cutscenes ( don't know the name of them ), but honestly those show the most work and promise. An example of these is where you going to greede, I would say another one, but that would be spoiler territory.

Homicide3667d ago

I always thought 40 hours was average for an JRPG. Most of them I've played last that long, or even more (just look at my avatar).

He is a JRPG fan. Here's his profile with all the reviews he has done. He loved Persona 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Devil Summoner 2, Little King's Story, etc.

But yeah, I also thought the game looked nice, especially the water.

TheGameLlama3667d ago

The graphics are about as good as FFXII... a PS2 game. I know this game has been out for over a year in Japan, but you gotta get with the current gen, Level 5. Come on, I was expecting such good things.

BeaArthur3667d ago man, you are a total fanboy. So much so that you can't even objectively evaluate the game. Now I will admit that I have not payed this game but I have seen nothing to make me think that this is in anyway a good looking game. The in game graphics look like a decent PS2 game. You actually went as far as to call the guy a liar because he can see what everyone else but you sees. Try and relax before you have a heart attack.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Then play it and eat your words. Aside from some screen-tearing the game looks good. The draw-distance it's insane, the water effects are really nice and the environments are huge.

This is no Uncharted 2 but the game looks really nice.

bmw693667d ago

to be fair, the graphics aren't all that. Doesn't really look much better than FFXII on PS2 in my opinion

ThanatosDMC3667d ago

The trailer a year or two ago was great but somehow it missed the mark when the game finally came out. It was suppose to be an extremely smooth transition between gameplay and in-game cinematics and the combat wasnt as lame.

Just because it's an exclusive doesnt mean it's great. I'll wait for FFv13 and hopefully it delivers. Oh yeah, SO4I coming out soon on the PS3!

BeaArthur3667d ago

Bodyboarder_VGamer...don't need to eat my words because I have seen multiple reviews that say this game looks like a PS2 game. Now I am usually one to make up my own mind but since I have no intention on playing this game (since it has been thrashed by reviewers) I will go ahead and take their word for it. But by all means, keep enjoying it.

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Blaster_Master3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Agreed. 23 hours plus unlimited mmo online with no subscription fees gives us unlimited amount of WKC to play. This author fails to explain that of course. Also, the game is gorgeous, and most cut scenes use the games engine which means "technically" its a huge achievement considering how huge this game is.

Plain and simple the game is freakin epic! The best mixture of leveling up, story, and online seen in any genre of game. Anyone who passes on this but loves rpgs are doing themselves a terrible injustice. Dragon Warrior 4 and FFX were my favorite rpg's till this game came out. Thank you so much Level 5 for not turning corporate and westernizing your games to suit little kids that wouldn't buy it anyways because they are too busy wasting their life on COD. Thank you.

Edit: He loved Persona 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Devil Summoner 2, Little King's Story, etc.

LOL. Those are games who's standards haven't even hit the NES and SNES days of rpgs when it comes to quality. Wanna know what are good rpgs? Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, FF4, Dragon Warrior 4, Skies of Arcadia, and Mario RPG. Every game that matters is on my list. I could definitely see why this dude thinks WKC sucks. He just started playing rpgs 4 years after the ps2 has been out.

Oh and btw, Valkyria Chronicles was good, but I wouldnt even consider that an rpg. It was more of a strategy game then anything. So much for his jrpg background and its legitimacy.

Homicide3667d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, Little Kings Story and Demon's Souls (which he also liked) came out this generation. Persona 4 and Devil Summoner 2 came out in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Even though they were for the PS2, they came out a few years in the seventh generation.

Many reviewers are calling this game average or mediocre, which it is. It has a boring/whored-out story, lifeless characters, slow and easy combat that been be beaten by using slash.

Torillian3667d ago

If your list was complete it would include Earthbound, one of my first and favorite RPG's from when I started playing them. Of course if you want you can assume I just started playing them based on when I started reviewing them, but that seems rather asinine logic don't you think? Obviously I probably played games long before I started writing down my thoughts on them.

senseinobaka3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Blaster Master... great name BTW.

You are being unfair here. You admit that WKC has become one of your favirote games. Knowing that about yourself you should realize that you may not be the most objective person here. His analysis of the graphics is fair compared to other offerings the PS3 has, and the mention of the length is also compared fairly to other JRPGS.

Also, elitist rhetoric that only kids play COD and the writer doesnt know anything about old school rpgs is unfounded, and it also makes you sound like a "fanboy".

Myst3667d ago

As much as I would like to applaud you for at least sticking up for a game that I have thoroughly enjoyed you are starting to show a lack of thinking in your writing.

I was going to pick apart the paragraphs you have presented, but this by far stuck out to me the most: "Every game that matters is on my list." So are you insinuating that all other games that aren't on your list (but may be on mine.) do not count? If that is the case then most reviews would be null to you and quite a few games that others might play in the RPG -- JRPG field would not tickle your fancy.

Again I will reiterate my first paragraph I would applaud you for sticking up for the game, but you have to admit the game is far from perfection, but not as far from a rating of at least 8.0 maybe even 8.5. Level 5 have done something awesome with the game in scope of the online, Georama and GeoNet as a whole; but with every positive their is also a negative some of them are quite heavy (for some) and some are just small nuisances. One of which the authors mentioned is lip syncing. While I was playing the characters mouth didn't move while the character continued to "talk."

I must also add this is 2010, the game came out near the end of 2008 so obviously we ( as gamers and those who review ) are going to rate it amongst other games visual appeal. Whether or not some of us reading the reviews can agree upon it or not it is still that person's opinion on the matter.

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FrankWest3667d ago

Expected it since that RPGFan import review, doesn't surprise me at all

naznatips3667d ago

I'm pretty disappointed with this. I was really looking forward to it. :(

senseinobaka3667d ago

Yea same here. A Level 5 dev'd RPG was one of the reasons I wanted a PS3 to begin with. I'll probably still check it out.

Myst3667d ago

Rent it for a weekend it's at least worth that much though quite a lot more by my own personal opinion. I mean if you want to only play online that's possible, as long as you beat the first "section" of the game which is leaving the main town you start in. Or if you just want to do the story you can do that to, but if you want to check out Georama I'd suggest earning quite a sum of cash before embarking on that; as well as some materials.

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