Aeropause Review of Mass Effect 2

via Aeropause's Joe Haygood

"It is a fine line when attempting to give a gamer the ability to make choices or decisions, and actually having those decisions or choices end with a satisfying payoff. Some games will give you a superficial choice, with no ramifications, or at worst, a game will give you a decision to make that makes no difference in the actual outcome of events in the game. In Mass Effect 2, every decision you make will have wide ranging outcomes not just for you, but for your entire squad, and it makes those choices meaningful with each avenue of discussion. At the end of Mass Effect 2, you will see how far choice can take you in a video game, and it will have you sit back and feel how consequential your actions can be on the universe as a whole. It is an amazing feat that Bioware has pulled this tactic off with Mass Effect 2, creating one of the best games to come out on a gaming platform ever."

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