Heavy Rain: Defining A Genre

It has been said that Heavy Rain may only cater to a niche market and while that may be true, however, for those willing to find the Origami Killer, they may find themselves graduating into the next generation of gaming.

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Bungie3666d ago

it's called movie

lol @

swiftshot933666d ago

Everybody is accepting that Heavy Rain, like ME2, is AAA. Get used to it.

kenpachi3666d ago

i forgot you 360 fangirls like games with zero story

Bungie3666d ago

we all know PS3 fanboys don't buy games, just blu-ray movies with no gameplay

nycredude3666d ago


I probably have more PSN only games than you have on all your systems put together, let alone retail games. Matter of fact I probably have more unplayed retail games than you have in your entire collection. Heck I probably have more xbox 360 games than you have.

I doubt you EVER play games as you are pretty much first in every ps3 comment. Get out of your mom's basement, get a girl, a job and eventually maybe you will save enough pennies to buy a Ps3 and become a real gamer.

kenpachi3666d ago

butt hurt cause you don't have a blu ray player go watch Twilight on Netflix

Dutch Boogie3666d ago

AAA day 1 buy. Guess how many GOTY awards this one will get? Best original story among others.

prettyboy13666d ago

true fanboyism at its best pity

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