Final Fantasy VII: How the Biggest RPG Should Be Remade

Gamezone: Let's pretend for a moment that all of the risks involved in remaking Final Fantasy VII have been resolved. Let's fantasize that Square Enix is about to start work on a new version of the game, either as a multi-platform PS3/360/PC release or (more likely) a PS3 exclusive.

If those things actually occurred – if FFVII was coming to a modern console near you – what could we really expect from it? Or, more appropriately, what do we specifically want from it?

That question, like the very dilemma surrounding whether or not a remake should be made, has been on my mind for many, many years.

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sinncross3665d ago

I've always liked the idea of alternative realities so to speak for FF7 but not in the way the author describes.
I always figured that if a remake was done to include non canon endings.. maybe like


aerith being revived etc

*end spoilers*

I like the last night idea, adding more depth to the characters and I think music idea is good too. Though I would like to see the Black Mages do the battle music.. their music is awesome.

Theres a lot of things that could be done with an FF7 remake: I guess SE would have to tread lightly.

Caspel3665d ago

it should remain dead unless they can get the original team to assist on recreating it.

Kyrwolf3665d ago

Is there no originality? Let the game remain a classic and move forward.

athmaus3665d ago

i agree this game should remain a classic and move on to the future :)

trig4563665d ago

no remake please, probably won't turn out well

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The story is too old to be commented.