What The Next Grand Theft Auto Should Be About

Gary A Swaby of writes: Grand Theft Auto is a great franchise, especially because Rockstar have the ability to take a city and a basic character, and bring them to life. Rockstar are the innovators of creating living, breathing, authentic worlds. Ever since Grand Theft Auto III arrived on Playstation 2 in 2001, developers have made sure to pay close attention to detail when it comes to creating characters and environments. While the world craves for a new Grand Theft Auto title, many people begin to ask the same questions. What city will the next GTA be based in? Who will be the next GTA character? What should it be about?

With that being said I would like to give a few suggestions of where Rockstar could go with the next GTA game. I will suggest a city and create a possible scenario for Rockstar to consider. Dan Houser are you reading this?

I know Rockstar like to base their games around real life cities, but they always rename the city, making it more of a spoof. However for the purpose of normality, in this article I will use real city names.

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-Alpha3661d ago

I still remember playing #3 for the first time and being shocked at how revolutionary it was. There are nostalgic feelings you have with games, and GTA was one of them.

Maybe it was because I was an avid player since the original GTA, maybe there was something dangerously exciting about playing an M-Rated game in my parent's home, but the series has always been such a great one.

GTA IV was disappointing, not because it sucked in any real way, but it was such a step back in terms of gameplay and variety from the past games.

The thing with GTA series last gen was that they evolved over time and I fully believe that GTA IV is simply going to repeat history. GTA IV allowed Rockstar to get comfortable with this gen, and from here on out it will just get better. They took a lot of the little things out (robbing stores, stealing from homes, etc) and I can only assume they will be added in grander scale in future iterations.

I personally love San Andreas, but if they follow the footsteps correctly we should be seeing another Miami/Vice City game.

One of my favorite series of all time. I'm glad Rockstar is also moving and expanding with new games though, I would love to see what else they can do.

Cenobia3661d ago

I'd like to see a GTA where your the police officer. It might have to be a new IP, but that could be pretty cool. I mean being a police officer doesn't mean you HAVE to be good. It could be split paths, and have REAL moral choices, not the empty/false ones from GTA4.

Basically, I want The Shield as a video game.

I haven't seen a good, open world "be the cop" game since Urban Chaos on the PS1.

yoshiroaka3661d ago


Yea a police officer would be cool but it doesnt have to be a new IP.
Maybe you play as an undercover cop who tries to get deep into the crime world and you have missions where you meet you police friends and have to do stuff for them and the the crime missions.

It would be cool because it would always have the drama of his cover being blown and how far is he willing to go to keep his cover.

And on the serious side they could go deep with him having conflicts as to who he is and what he is doing as he gets close to his crime buddies. It might be cool if the guy had a kid too, maybe... it might add a fresh element to the story to explore.

The Killer3661d ago

second to utilize the extra power and space they have on ps3 and bring what the real next gen GTA should be about!!

ReservoirDog3163661d ago

To anyone who has played TBoGT, it should be pretty obvious that GTA V is gonna be in London. I say that cause they mention London and how you "shouldn't go over there" (or something like that) and they just occasionally mention it so much that I wouldn't be a single bit surprised if it is in London.

Not sure how I feel about that since I kinda like the satire on America (I'm American) but as long as the writing's on par with GTA IV, I'm sure I'll love it.

ProjectVulcan3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Set it outside of america already. Its been done to death, the culture, the humour, several different decades of it, comprehensively.

Set it in asia. Preferably japan, not necessarily tokyo but that is the obvious choice. The diverse history and geography. Mountains, volcanoes and fault lines. Use a european, or an american character. Use the massive culture shock said character would certainly experience for an endless source of humour. Those crazy japs and whatnot. Its wide open here! Bonkers Tv shows and commercials, penchant for freshly harpooned raw seafood, unusual sexual fetishes, cuckoo inventions and miniature everything. The opportunity for a western developer like rockstar to gently mock the absurdity, eccentricities of japanese gaming tendancies.

Think of the missions, and the mini games. Think sumos, karaoke, bullet trains and radio controlled bipedal robots :P Think of the yakuza and triad ties. Think of the cars and silly concept transport, and the tuning shops and the underground culture. Think of the potential samurai sword rampages through shibuya. So the radio stations would have to have english speakers posing awfully stereotyped japanese accents offending millions of politically correct bureaucrats worldwide. Which is the point of GTA anyway isnt it? :P

You know it makes sense....

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mistajeff3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I lived in NOLA for 4 years after the storm, and I've always wanted an open-world game set in New Orleans that touches on the topic of the storm and reconstruction. I just don't think GTA is the franchise to do it. I don't think they'd take it seriously enough, and they'd resort to stereotypes like they did halfway through gta4 after they burned out on the serious drama. Seriously, by the time you get to the Italians, it feels like all they did for research was watch an episode of the Sopranos and forget to take notes on it. I don't trust Rockstar to provide an authentic representation of the culture. It's not the thought of all the possibilities for crime and destruction in a recently decimated city that bothers me. It's the idea that they'd try to generalize a culture whose framework has been filled with so many intricacies throughout history that it shouldn't even be possible to generalize it. I mean, it's a GTA game, of course there's offensive humor and stereotyping. But in GTA4 they made it clear that they want to present deep, meaningful stories in their games. They need to find a way to tastefully separate their serious storytelling from their goofy and "offensive" humor. Nobody pokes fun at NOLA more than NOLA, and GTA humor would thrive in the NOLA setting. But if they try to force that into a serious story about a protagonist rebuilding his/her life after Katrina, it's just going to be pointlessly offensive and will ruin the impact they want to make with the drama. And it wouldn't even be funny.

SwiffEpics3661d ago

Thats a great comment, and I completely agree. Rockstar would no doubt create a fantastic replica of NOLA, but its all the spoofing that would make it a bit distasteful. Theres a thin line between harmless humor and complete offense.

3661d ago
mrv3213661d ago

If GTA could do it justice I think it's about time New Orleans got some press about the disaster and hopefully the region some funding. Will GTA do it justice? Most likely not, there's far too much to do and the balancinmg act between political and racial commentry and being simply racist is far to fine. The ideal way to deal with it is not to focus on the largely black communities and show them going violent or corrupt, but rather largely white or Asian gangs trying to profit from their mistakes... with a bribed police force your goal is to destroy the gng infrastructure and return the money to the people while breaking the law. That would put a nice spin on GTA... but will it happen? No.

mistajeff3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I almost wish Rockstar would build their cities/worlds and license them off to other developers who can solely focus on crafting gameplay and story. I agree, they'd create a fantastic replica of the city, but that just takes time away from crafting the narrative and unique gameplay mechanics. That's what I think happened with GTA4, and why it felt like there was so much less to do than in San Andreas. AND why Chinatown Wars was so fantastic.. they had already created the world, so they were able to dig so much deeper with things like the drug minigame. I haven't played the GTA4 expansions, but I hear they're better than the regular GTA4 story, so if that's true it's also a testament to that.

I love the premise, but I agree, it won't happen. There are so many unique social scenarios that could be mined from it, but I can't see them opting for anything but their typical GTA structure (or a natural evolution of it).
They could even set it in Houston after the storm, when there was an influx of New Orleans drug gangs that prompted some pretty massive drug wars with the established local gangs. But I don't think Rockstar is the right dev to translate that kind of sociological curiosity into a meaningful piece of interactive entertainment.. at least not yet. Not to knock Rockstar or anything, I love them, I just don't think they're the right ones for the job.

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Thepro3183661d ago

i want GTA 5 on PS4 take ur time rockstar work on the games u got now

shopsmartash3660d ago

they are going to not make GTA 5 this generation. They had three of them last gen, there has to be a minimum of two this gen. Look for GTA 6 next gen....btw I vote for London for GTA 5. Give it tight controls for all of those super tight streets and small cars =)

SourGrapes3661d ago

I would absolutely love it to be set in London, about East End gangsters or something. With Triads, Yardies, Russians and everything... London is filled with gangs. Just imagine a GTA version of the best city in the world. I can only hope

maniacmayhem3661d ago

I agree, GTA needs to move across the water.

kwyjibo3661d ago

Set it in the 80s, use the backdrop of the big bang, the IRA, the clash of thatcherism against the unions.

Essentially, remake the Long Good Friday in video game form. What a film.

3661d ago
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