Spec Ops: The Line - Interview with Greg Kasavin, Yager Development

MEGamers:"We spoke to Greg Kasavin, ex-Gamespot-ian and now the producer at Yager Development, about his upcoming shooter Spec Ops: The Line. Depicting a Dubai worst than its current economic state, we inquire about the game's story, which promises to be involving and morally "complex", its gameplay, the process behind pixellizing our beloved (?) state, their plans to promote and support the region and of course, the ban. Get reading!

Q: Recently, you said that Spec Ops will be a very provocative shooter. What exactly did you mean by provocative and in what sense?

We intend for The Line to be a provocative shooter in the sense that it will make players become emotionally attached to the characters and story, as well as feel conflicted about some of the difficult decisions that Captain Walker and his squad will have to confront during the course of the game. The situations in The Line are intended to be morally ambiguous and complex. The story should be one that sticks in players' minds long after they're finished playing the game.

Q: You have talked about the morality system present in the game. What exactly are the moral choices the players will have to make and what will be the difference in the consequence of the decision one makes?

We won't give away the exact nature of the moral choices at stake in The Line, other than to say they'll typically be life-or-death choices affecting the people in the story. There will be no right or wrong answers in these situations and even taking no action will be a decision within itself. Players will receive immediate feedback through the narrative. For example, Captain Walker's squad mates will likely have an opinion on his decisions, and there will be some longer term consequences as well."

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DelbertGrady3665d ago

I'm extremely hyped for this game. The trailer was amazing and apparently in-engine.