Gameinformer: BioShock 2 Review

Gameinformer writes: "I no longer feel like a tourist in Rapture. Once wondrous and foreboding, this underwater society now has the familiarity of a local shopping mall. Audio recordings of Andrew Ryan detail the need for rational selfishness in a controlled world, Big Daddies moan dejectedly in every corridor, and the biggest decision we are faced with is to save or harvest a Little Sister. For roughly 10 hours, BioShock 2 follows directly in its forefather's footsteps, too fearful to inject anything new into this twisted world.

The developer's stubbornness to not veer off of the beaten path clashes with the game's premise. In this installment, players assume the role of the first Big Daddy. Had the game not made this abundantly clear within the introductory cutscene, I would have thought I was playing as a character similar to the original game's protagonist. Because the Big Daddy's suit appears to be made of cotton, splicers pose just as great of a threat to your Big Daddy as they did to BioShock's human lead. Shouldn't I be just as big of a threat as the other Big Daddies in the world? Apparently not."

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Blow Out Your Brains3672d ago

How come every fanboy reviewer says the game feels too familiar hasn't made the same argument about Mass Effect 2? GI is such a joke. Stop reading their pathetic magazine and subscribe to a real gaming mag like OXM or OPM.